Phuture Doom to present a glimpse of the future to come at Roadburn 2018

We love to navigate unchartered artistic territories here at Roadburn and found a keen ally in Dutch breakcore pioneer Bong-Ra. Currently reinventing himself musically and spiritually, ever forward thinking and his eyes and ears set on the future. Together with his cohorts – whether it’s his partner in dark matters, Svart Lava, or by way of inspiring the elusive Phuture Doom collective – they are pairing a futuristic take on modern day occultism with an eclectic outlook on (doom) metal and electronics.

It’s such an exhilarating glimpse of what’s to come – a crossover of ritualistic metal electronics; a digital and technological / analogue and spiritual movement named Future Occultism.

We can’t wait for Bong-Ra to lift doom into it’s futuristic path at Roadburn 2018. His visionary performance on Thursday, 19 April – along with Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave (the binary view and vision of Future Occultism), and Phuture Doom (their preachings: digital sonic alchemy) – will mark such a seismological shift from Roadburn‘s more traditional doom-leanings.

The Future Occultism collective grasps back to forgotten roots of shamanism, paganism, tribalism and the natural force of nature, the female and the spiritual bond with the universe … the unknowns of the vastness that surrounds us, the eternal mystery of our existence, while embracing the technological reality surrounding us. Future Occultism will be presented at Roadburn in three distinct chapters – secondly…

Phuture Doom:
“Incoming transmissions are not accidental.
“They hold glimpses of the phuture sent from an autonomous form of intelligence, an entity struggling for its extraction and prophesying the advent of the Great Schism.
At the dawn of the Technological Singularity, humanity will divide. Transcendents promise immortality to those willing to connect and abandon themselves into the omniscient web. Alternatively, the Orthodoxy establishes a technophobic system, imposing a regressive lifestyle dictated by the ideals of human purity.
“A faction of dissidents is emerging however, a cult sworn to life, embracing technology to empower human occult practices – Phuture Doom.”

Phuture Doom is a transmedia project driven by an anonymous collective of artists, rooted in occult imagery and a rich narrative background tackling concepts like Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and Technological Singularity.

Their music is a dark blend of electronic and instrumental elements – cementing metal, rave, drum & bass and traditional music in what could be the soundtrack to a futuristic ritual ceremony.

Date: April 19

Time: 22.30

Stage: Green Room