Roadburn presents: Verwoed

March 15, 2018

For almost a decade, we have been showcasing promising Dutch or Belgian bands that have their own vibe, while at the same time possessing that certain Roadburn flair. We strongly feel that the Dutch underground is currently brimming with talent, and needs to be explored by our international community, too. In collaboration with Never Mind The Hype – an independent Dutch music platform for everything heavy, alternative and deviant – we’d like Verwoed to (re)connect with our receptive attendees during an intimate show at the Cul de Sac on SaturdayApril 21 in TilburgThe NetherlandsVerwoed starts at 1.30pm.

Hailing from UtrechtVerwoed is one of the most exciting bands to spearhead the New Wave of Dutch Black Metal, a new generation of musicians on the rise, and even developing a cult of their own. The band’s much acclaimed debut album, Bodemloos, delves deep into paranoia and schizophrenia – Verwoed’s malicious, darkened feel offers a visceral ascension into full-blown psychosis. It serves as a hallucinogenic exploration through harrowing black metal, and dense, melodic ambience, which is both terrifying and soothing – catharsis through ugliness and utter beauty.

Over the last few years, Dool and Laster’s performances stunned press, industry and fans alike, and we feel that Verwoed will do the very same at Roadburn 2018, as the band shows such a considerable growth since their 2017 performance at Cul de Sac as well. In fact, Verwoed is now definitely on par with their Scandinavianbrethren, and will conquer all in their path. Rumours on the street are that Verwoed will have a second album out soon.

Insect Ark premiere the video for Skin Walker via Roadburn

Insect Ark have been floating around the edge of our peripheral vision for a couple of years now – popping up on wish lists and end of year lists here and there – but they have come crashing into full focus with the release of their latest album, Marrow Hymns.

It wasn’t a difficult choice to add them to our 2018 line up, and for every single person that squeezes into the Cul de Sac on Thursday, 19 April, we’re sure this is going to turn out to be one of those life affirming sets. There are plenty of bands that paint a picture or set a scene without needing lyrics, however this instrumental duo manage to be minimalist in all the right places, and yet layer up on the emotion and intensity just when it’s needed most. The result is, quite frankly, crushing at times.

We’re thrilled to present the premiere of the video for their track, Skin Walker. Filmed by Stanya Kahn and Mariah Garnett with the former also directing, the video unites Insect Ark’s two halves – Dana Schechter (bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers) and Ashley Spungin (drums, synthesisers) –  in stark black and white footage that pushes their intensity to the forefront.

Watch the video for Skin Walker below.

Marrow Hymns is out now via Profound Lore. Insect Ark play the Cul de Sac on Thursday, 19 April. After their Roadburn appearance, Insect Ark will be touring in Europe, including dates with Roadburn alumni and former Artist in Residence, GNOD.

Roadburn 2018: Ticket Alert

March 1, 2018

TICKET ALERT:  3-day and Thursday tickets are now SOLD OUT!

Of the 4-day tickets, just 35 remain, so don’t snooze on this! Friday, Saturday and Sunday tickets also still on sale.

And if you’re still looking for accommodation, the Vakantiepark Beekse Bergen has 28 Jungalows and 41 chalets available to book between 16-23 April. There’s a shuttle between the festival and the safari park, making this a close and affordable option for those who want to be nearby to the action!

Whilst we’re here…

We’re thrilled to present you our official poster artwork for Roadburn Festival 2018. Eternal thanks to Richey Beckett for creating such a beautiful piece to mark this year’s festival – we’re truly honoured to have you on board.

Roadburn 2018: Cul de Sac Bands

February 14, 2018

The Cul de Sac may be Roadburn‘s smallest venue, but each year a hell of a lot of talent is packed into it’s confines. 2018 is no different with a stellar line up of bands both big and small who will be squeezing into the diminutive space and packing an enormous punch.

THURSDAY will see Une Misère reprise their performance with a second set. They’ll be joined by instrumental duo Insect Ark, hard rockin’ New Yorkers Mirror Queen, Dutch force of nature – Black Decades, the droning riffs of Galg, plus your personal soundtrack to the end of times courtesy of Sum of R.

FRIDAY has Earthless’ tour mates, Comet Control preparing for lift off, extreme metallers Départe from Down Under, Danish export Hexis, Dutch death metal darlings, Ulsect and a second set from Worship that promises some special surprises.

SATURDAY will see Planning for Burial perform again, mining his back catalogue for gems. Hair of the Dog will return to Roadburn, and be joined by fellow 2016 alumni Concatenatus, plus Mania‘s mix of doom and black metal, and Phantom Winter‘s suffocating sludge.

SUNDAY sees tour mates Bison and LLNN roll into Tilburg uncompromisingly. They will be joined by the progressive sounds of Hidden Trails, a dual pronged Dutch attack in the form of Dystopia and Nefast, and visceral Italians, Syk.

New Additions To The San Diego Takeover

Good news for fans of psychedelic riffs! We have a second batch of additions to the San Diego Takeover, and they’re sure to bend your mind further into previously unknown directions. Unraveling the threads that run between the family of bands that make up the SDTO would require a headspace much clearer than anyone involved is quite capable of, but suffice to say that the pedigree running through the bands is of the standard you have come to expect.

Arctic is a California power trio steeped in the roots of early 70’s blues/psych, ala Blue Cheer and Band of Gypsies, while drawing elements of modern heavy, reminiscent of early Sleep. Heavy, sludgy, stoner psych played with a slow, driving energy.

The band features three pro skaters, Figgy on guitar, Frecks on drums and Nuge on bass. Their self titled album was their first release but they have already been on several tours, tied in with their skating, which has brought them to Europe and South Africa as part of Thrasher’s Skate Rock Tour.

Figgy also plays guitar in Harsh Toke (Tee Pee Records). The debut LP was released on Outer Battery Records and features incredible cover art from Arik Roper, the man behind Sleep’s Dopesmoker, High on Fire, and many more.

Pharlee is a heavy-fuckin’-riff-ridin’ machine. This group was forged in the middle of the white-hot psychedelic jam scene in San Diego, California from members of Harsh Toke, Sacri Monti and Joy. But don’t let their geographical origin and associated acts mislead you. Pharlee walks their own path on scorched-earth. Forgoing the weed-fuelled jams of their counterparts for full-on the speed-ruled riffage.

Partying off the sounds of Priest, Motörhead, Betty Davis and ACID, Pharlee create a new shrilling sound. Drums, bass, keys and guitar interlock in high velocity grooves with top notch execution led by vocalist and front woman Macerena Rivera to serve you the bang-over of your life.

Travellin’ down the long, open road of musical open-ness, Red Octopus freely structures their tunes with an inter-ordinary mold of electric, near-drowning bass and guitar, framed around lead-filled, powerful drumming. The trio currently are uniquely stamping their trade as a surly band of psych-cultivators, while carousing carelessly in the new up-coming underground psychedelic-rock scene.

Early Sabbath is a hard to miss influence amongst Spencer (drums), Bill (bass) and Gabe (guitar), however 70‘s kraut rock outfit, Can, is also a distinct flavour in their heavy-psych palette.

‘Beauty of the Cosmonaut Apocalypse’ on their self-made debut EP, sounds as if warlord legends, Hawkwind were spiritually lending inspiration, while UK kings, Budgie fight through the riffs to aid in ear-splitting shredliness…

Volcano is a soundtrack for an ancient apocalypse. Primordial rhythm and afro-inspired melodies fill their grooves. Lyrical echoes from a time long past. A time when humankind battled the elements and faced mortality. The rumble in the distance grows. The forest falls silent. Impending doom. Let their trance fuel the dance, while theres still time. Let the lava flow…

The San Diego Takeover is supported by Brabant C and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

Roadburn 2018: Hardrock Hideout (Wed, 18 April)

It’s like starting a marathon with a mad dash at top speed screaming at the top of your voice, until you pass out: highly ill-advised and certainly a little unhealthy, but tremendously fun and a rush you’ll never forget! That’s right, our traditional Hardrock Hideout at the Cul de Sac, is the over-the-top, high-octane welcome that all Roadburners anticipate fervently.

By now everyone has learned to pick themselves up after that bonkers initial speed burst and run the ThursdaySunday marathon like champs anyway. It’s a tradition we have all learned to love and cherish, and one that will continue, stronger than ever, building on all those crazy April Wednesday nights we have lived in Tilburg in the past.

This year, also keeping with Hardrock Hideout tradition, we have once again looked down south for where fists were raised highest, and in collaboration with Babylon Doom Cult Records, we have three of Belgium‘s loudest, rowdiest and most turbulent bands warming up the Cul de Sac to fires-of-hell level.

From the unashamedly old-school speed metal energy of Bütcher and Speed Queen, to the brutal impact of Witch Trail‘s genre-crossing darkness (that Roadburn repeat visitors should remember from the 2016 edition); 2018‘s Hardrock Hideout is both a celebration and the best preparation possible for the days ahead.

Nobody escapes the unmanned charging train that is Antwerp‘s Bütcher. 1985 may have called because it wants its speed metal back, but fuck it (actually, “fukk” it is more precise), we’re not returning them! We’re keeping them here to reminds us of a time when all that mattered was raising horns, headbanging along to fast shredding riffs and screaming lyrics about the devil and metal, with way too many ‘k’s and umlauts for regular people to know what to do with. From their anthem Speed Metal Attakk: “The stage is set, it will get wrecked / So bang your head or you’ll be dead / Show the devil’s sign and scream / Let the attakk begin!” Enough said!

No wait! There’s more to be said! Or screamed out loud, also, in this case. Speed Queen don’t play around. They describe themselves as “We’re Speed Queen and we play heavy fucking metal!”, their “influences” are exactly the Iron Maidens, Motörheads, W.A.S.P.s, Scorpions and Riots you’d expect, there are zero frills and the exact same number of fucks given too. Just keep the beer coming, the heads banging and the guitars squealing, and we’ll be fine. And again, they also come with an instruction manual in case of misunderstandings. From their anthem Stay Drunk: “Speed Queen is playing tonight / They’re hammered as fuck, but still looking tight / The crowd is going crazy and wild / They know what to do, they stay drunk!” Any questions?

Antwerp‘s Witch Trail are the more varied of our Hardrock Hideout wild bunch, but don’t expect roses – they’re just as chaotic and brutally urgent as anyone you might think of, they just do it while mercilessly visiting several of the scariest sub-genres. A punk-like barebones three-piece, they might punish you with a burst of black metal savagery as much as grinding you down with an unbearably heavy doom crunch. In the end, you’ll just feel like a raw wound, rubbed and scratched beyond recognition. There are no anthems or lyrics to scream along here – there’s just darkness and pain.

On Wednesday, April 18, from 8.30pm onwards, at the Cul de Sac (free entry!), we will thrash until we crash at Roadburn‘s Hardrock Hideout! Grab a beer, raise your fist and join us!

José Carlos Santos

Roadburn 2018: Second Commissioned Project - Sól Án Varma

January 16, 2018

The second of Roadburn‘s specially commissioned projects will encapsulate the spirit and creativity of the thriving Icelandic black metal scene. Leading the charge has been Misþyrming who were our artists in residence in 2016, a tenure that surely peaked with their ritualistic Úlfsmessa performance.

Arguably one of the reasons the Úlfsmessa performance was so mesmerising was that they bolstered their ranks; the core Misþyrming members were joined on stage by some of their fellow countrymen, multiplying the magic and manifesting their combined powers. Having witnessed what such unions are capable of, we’re thrilled to confirm that the second of our specially commissioned performances for Roadburn 2018 will unite the might of Misþyrming, Naðra, Svartidauði, and Wormlust under the banner Vánagandr.

The title of the piece these six musicians will perform is Sól án varma, which roughly translates to “sun without radiance”. The opus will encompass a slow primal roar – a process which cannot be stopped once started, and that only continues to grow, reinventing itself in its complexity.

Chaos. Dissolution. Confusion.

Sól án varma will be performed by:


The specially commissioned Sól án varma performance will open the main stage on the final day of the festival on Sunday, 22 April. Brace yourselves, it’s not going to be an easy ride.

Vánagandr: Sól án varma is supported by Brabant C.

Roadburn 2018: Final Bands For Jacob Bannon's Curation and More

Jacob Bannon‘s own Wear Your Wounds will reprise their 2017 performance this year, promising improvisation and experimentation into the mix.

“I’m extremely excited to perform live with Wear Your Wounds at Roadburn 2018. Playing the 2017 edition of the festival was a creative high point for me and I am honored to return. This time we will be integrating different songs into the set from both the “WYW” double album, the “Dunedevil” album, as well as other material. In a live setting we plan on expanding on the studio recordings, using them as a skeleton for improvisation and experimentation. Hope to see some of you there”Jacob Bannon
Read more here


“In my opinion All Pigs Must Die are one of the best bands playing dark hardcore/punk today. Founded by friends bonded by their collective obsession of heavy music, they have evolved from merely a project into a true force in aggressive. With their members so busy with other bands/projects, live performances have been rare over the years. It is an honor to bring them to Roadburn 2018, so their brand of heavy can be experienced by the masses”Jacob Bannon.
Read more here


“Mike McKenzie is one of the most interesting and talented musicians rooted in New England’s heavy music scene. His Stomach Earth album was one of the heaviest releases he has ever worked on. It will be incredible to see him perform this powerful record live exclusively at Roadburn Festival 2018. Sonically it is a perfect fit for the festival, and a great example of the darkness New England music has to offer”Jacob Bannon.
Read more here


At the core of most innovative work is the collaborative spirit. While Icelandic ritual drone and folk act NYIÞ is already an inherently collaborative entity, they’re really stepping things up this year by fusing with psychedelic black metal giant Wormlust to create a new beast: Hieros Gamos.

Little of this planned masterwork shall be revealed before the performance itself, but those with any familiarity can imagine what otherworldly horrors and delights await. Those who witnessed NYIÞ’s massive performance piece as part of the Úlfsmessa in 2016 knows just how deep the currents run. With the addition of such a force as Wormlust, we need say little beyond urging you to arrive early to be the first to witness Hieros Gamos in its live debut.
Read more here


Known experimentalist Dirk Serries (YODOK III, The Void Of Expansion, Fear Falls Burning) and Hellmut Neidhardt, aka N, had this collaboration idea floating around in the ether for, rumour has it, almost a decade. Before the universe shifts and we lose sight of it for good, measures have been taken, both by the band and by Roadburn: Scatterwound will perform at Roadburn 2018 with none other than Justin K. Broadrick as their special guest.
Read more here


Having broken up shortly after the release of their debut album back in 2012, Gallops left quite the hole in the ranks of bands who push at the boundaries of rock music. Fortunately, Gallops returned in 2016. “It just needed a nap,” was how Mark Huckridge, Liam Edwards and Brad Whyte jokingly put it, so we’re very happy and also relieved that someone remembered to set an alarm. They’ll keep you guessing at every turn, moods fluctuating from eeriness to jubilation, from intimidating darkness to feverish light, but always pulsating and engaging.
Read more here


At Roadburn we like to push the envelope, and the 2018 edition of the festival is a celebration of bands creating music on their own terms, hence inviting Spotlights to play on Sunday, April 22.

Coming from the streets of Brooklyn, New York, Sarah and Mario Quintero, the pair at the core of this remarkable entity, don’t shy away from genre hopping, and capture a voice of their own by mainlining doom with shoegaze, pairing post rock to sludge, and forming a dreamy yet very melodic concoction. Think My Bloody Valentine embracing the Melvins, or Isis engaging the Smashing Pumpkins.
Read more here


Hailing from The Hague and infused with a funk-fuzz power in their delivery that makes them an immediate standout, the young trio Supersonic Blues are welcomed to Roadburn 2018 with open arms this April. Supersonic Blues will perform at the San Diego Clubhouse aka the Hall of Fame alongside kindred spirits from the San Diego scene on Friday, April 20.
Read more here

As our day tickets go on sale this week, we’re delighted to present the day splits in the form of four spell-binding posters by renowned artist, Richey Beckett. To read more about Richey, please click here.

Roadburn 2018 tickets are on sale now. 3 and 4 day tickets are currently available and day tickets will go on sale on January 18, 2018 at 10:00 CET.

Thursday, 19 April€62.40
Friday, 20 April€62.40
Saturday, 21 April€62.40
Sunday, 22 April€57.40

4-day-tickets €198,40
(all prices include €3,40 service fees)

Camping tickets are also available to purchase, with additional options (such as Festipis and camper vans) also possible. This year the urban campsite will be in a new location – but still within walking distance to the 013 venue – providing a comfortable and affordable option for Roadburn attendees.

A brand new hotel is due to open in Tilburg just weeks prior to Roadburn 2018. The Valk Exclusive hotel is offering a special deal for Roadburners. Click here for more information.

Click here for more information on tickets and the campsite

Day Tickets Go On Sale - January 18!

Roadburn 2018 tickets are on sale now. 3 and 4 day tickets  are currently available and day tickets will go on sale on January 18 at 10:00 CET.

Thursday, 19 April – €62.40
Friday, 20 April – €62.40
Saturday, 21 April – €62.40
Sunday, 22 April – €57.40

(all prices include €3,40 service fees)

Camping tickets are also available to purchase, with additional options (such as Festipis and camper vans) also possible. This year the urban campsite will be in a new location – but still within walking distance to the 013 venue – providing a comfortable and affordable option for Roadburn attendees.

A brand new hotel is due to open in Tilburg just weeks prior to Roadburn 2018. The Valk Exclusive hotel is offering a special deal for Roadburners. Click here for more information

Click here for more information on tickets and the campsite

Roadburn 2018: Commissioned Music - Waste of Space Orchestra (Dark Buddha Rising united with Oranssi Pazuzu)

December 14, 2017

Roadburn Festival has always taken pride in the relationship that it has built over many years between attendees and artists. The threads that link those involved with the festival spin across the globe; bringing people together, creating a network where the line between friend, fan, performer and artist is blurred. The very foundation of Roadburn is the community that it is built upon, around, and within.

Alongside this, Roadburn has always sought to push the boundaries of creativity and expression. It’s a festival that specialises in “heavy music” but refuses to be restricted by a singular perception of what that definition means. The scope of artists that have performed at Roadburn is mind-bending and extraordinary – even to us, the very people that pull the line up together.

These two defining facets of Roadburn have been brought together for a brand new project – or rather, two brand new projects – for 2018. We’ve been inspired by those who tell us that Roadburn has offered them countless “once in a life time” experiences over the years; by people who tell us that the things they have witnessed at Roadburn just don’t resonate in the same way outside of the shelter of the festival limits.

For the first time, we have commissioned a two groups of entirely separate musicians to create music to be performed specifically at Roadburn. Today we’re thrilled to announce the first of those groups of musicians.

Familiar to most Roadburners, Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu are combining their forces to write and perform a new concept piece especially for Roadburn 2018. The collaboration will be named Waste of Space Orchestra.

The performance will include ten musicians onstage plus an original video accompaniment, designed to tell a parallel story with the music. The ten-part, one hour piece is a dive into the consciousnesses of three beings – all of whom are on a search for deeper truths in comprehending reality.

The Shaman (Vesa Ajomo) is seeing oppressing visions from the bleak future of mankind.

The Seeker (Juho Vanhanen) is searching for the truth from unknown dimensions with secret methods.

The Possessor (Marko Neuman) is corrupting these individuals, manipulating them into his own sinister plan.

During a ceremony they manage to open a portal that will suck them into a different reality of brain-mutilating colour storms and ego-diminishing audio violence. The trio are forced to find their way towards equilibrium and in the process join their minds into one collective consciousness.

Waste of Space Orchestra is:

Vesa Ajomo – voice of the shaman, guitar
Toni Hietamäki – bass guitar
Niko Lehdontie – guitar, effects
Ville Leppilahti – keyboards, effects
Marko Neuman – voice of the possessor
Jukka Rämänen – drums
Petri Rämänen – deep bass guitar
Jussi Saarivuori – electronics
Jarkko Salo – drums
Juho Vanhanen – voice of the seeker, guitar

Nikos Giagoudakis – live sound
Kalle-Erik Kosonen – video art
Maija Lahtinen – costumes
Mikko Männistö – lighting director

The Waste of Space Orchestra performance will open the main stage on the first day of Roadburn 2018Thursday, April 19. Information on the second collaborative performance piece will be made available in early 2018.

Waste of Space Orchestra is supported by Brabant C.