April 6, 2018

Roadburners staying outside of Tilburg.

It has just been confirmed that during Roadburn, on Saturday and Sunday there will be heavy railroad construction. If you’re traveling by train from Breda, Eindhoven or ‘s-Hertogenbosch central station to Tilburg and vice versa, there will be busses running instead of the trains. It will take an extra 30 minutes to get to Tilburg or back. This will apply all day, but we have outlined the late night timings below.

For the most up to date info, please check NS.nl or the public transportation WEBSITE.

Last trains/ busses:

Thursday night
Eindhoven – 0.13am | 0.38am
Breda – 0.08am | 0.28am
’s-Hertogenbosch – 0.13am | 0.43am

Friday night
Eindhoven – 0.38am | 0.54am
Bus (unnumbered)* – 2.13am
Breda – 0.08am | 0.28am
Bus (unnumbered)* – 2.20am
’s-Hertogenbosch – 0.13am | 0.43am
Bus (unnumbered)* – 2.15am

Saturday night
Eindhoven: Bus (unnumbered)* – 1.13am | 2.13am
Breda: Bus (unnumbered)* – 1.20am | 2.20am
’s-Hertogenbosch: Bus (unnumbered)* – 0.09am | 2.15am
Night bus to ’s-Hertogenbosch – 2am | 3am | 4am**

Sunday night
Eindhoven: Bus (unnumbered)* – 11.59pm | 0.22am | 0.52am
Breda: Bus (unnumbered)* – 0.24am | 0.54am
’s-Hertogenbosch: Bus (unnumbered)* – 11.39pm | 0.09am

*Leaving from Central Station.
** The departure area for this “night bus” is located at the Interpolis building, near the Tivoli Parking.
foto van Roadburn Festival.

Down below is the map you will get inside your Roadburn booklet (when you pick up your wristband) – it will give you an idea of where everything is in Tilburg. More useful info will come early next week when we send out the Roadburn 2018 A-Z guide.

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