Insect Ark have been floating around the edge of our peripheral vision for a couple of years now – popping up on wish lists and end of year lists here and there – but they have come crashing into full focus with the release of their latest album, Marrow Hymns.

It wasn’t a difficult choice to add them to our 2018 line up, and for every single person that squeezes into the Cul de Sac on Thursday, 19 April, we’re sure this is going to turn out to be one of those life affirming sets. There are plenty of bands that paint a picture or set a scene without needing lyrics, however this instrumental duo manage to be minimalist in all the right places, and yet layer up on the emotion and intensity just when it’s needed most. The result is, quite frankly, crushing at times.

We’re thrilled to present the premiere of the video for their track, Skin Walker. Filmed by Stanya Kahn and Mariah Garnett with the former also directing, the video unites Insect Ark’s two halves – Dana Schechter (bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers) and Ashley Spungin (drums, synthesisers) –  in stark black and white footage that pushes their intensity to the forefront.

Watch the video for Skin Walker below.

Marrow Hymns is out now via Profound Lore. Insect Ark play the Cul de Sac on Thursday, 19 April. After their Roadburn appearance, Insect Ark will be touring in Europe, including dates with Roadburn alumni and former Artist in Residence, GNOD.

April 11-14 - 2019

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