February 14, 2018

Good news for fans of psychedelic riffs! We have a second batch of additions to the San Diego Takeover, and they’re sure to bend your mind further into previously unknown directions. Unraveling the threads that run between the family of bands that make up the SDTO would require a headspace much clearer than anyone involved is quite capable of, but suffice to say that the pedigree running through the bands is of the standard you have come to expect.

Arctic is a California power trio steeped in the roots of early 70’s blues/psych, ala Blue Cheer and Band of Gypsies, while drawing elements of modern heavy, reminiscent of early Sleep. Heavy, sludgy, stoner psych played with a slow, driving energy.

The band features three pro skaters, Figgy on guitar, Frecks on drums and Nuge on bass. Their self titled album was their first release but they have already been on several tours, tied in with their skating, which has brought them to Europe and South Africa as part of Thrasher’s Skate Rock Tour.

Figgy also plays guitar in Harsh Toke (Tee Pee Records). The debut LP was released on Outer Battery Records and features incredible cover art from Arik Roper, the man behind Sleep’s Dopesmoker, High on Fire, and many more.

Pharlee is a heavy-fuckin’-riff-ridin’ machine. This group was forged in the middle of the white-hot psychedelic jam scene in San Diego, California from members of Harsh Toke, Sacri Monti and Joy. But don’t let their geographical origin and associated acts mislead you. Pharlee walks their own path on scorched-earth. Forgoing the weed-fuelled jams of their counterparts for full-on the speed-ruled riffage.

Partying off the sounds of Priest, Motörhead, Betty Davis and ACID, Pharlee create a new shrilling sound. Drums, bass, keys and guitar interlock in high velocity grooves with top notch execution led by vocalist and front woman Macerena Rivera to serve you the bang-over of your life.

Travellin’ down the long, open road of musical open-ness, Red Octopus freely structures their tunes with an inter-ordinary mold of electric, near-drowning bass and guitar, framed around lead-filled, powerful drumming. The trio currently are uniquely stamping their trade as a surly band of psych-cultivators, while carousing carelessly in the new up-coming underground psychedelic-rock scene.

Early Sabbath is a hard to miss influence amongst Spencer (drums), Bill (bass) and Gabe (guitar), however 70‘s kraut rock outfit, Can, is also a distinct flavour in their heavy-psych palette.

‘Beauty of the Cosmonaut Apocalypse’ on their self-made debut EP, sounds as if warlord legends, Hawkwind were spiritually lending inspiration, while UK kings, Budgie fight through the riffs to aid in ear-splitting shredliness…

Volcano is a soundtrack for an ancient apocalypse. Primordial rhythm and afro-inspired melodies fill their grooves. Lyrical echoes from a time long past. A time when humankind battled the elements and faced mortality. The rumble in the distance grows. The forest falls silent. Impending doom. Let their trance fuel the dance, while theres still time. Let the lava flow…

The San Diego Takeover is supported by Brabant C and the Performing Arts Fund NL.