March 27, 2018

Roadburn Cinema presents: Revolver Films

One of the first videos to appear on the new-look Revolver website was a peek at Roadburn from the point of view of last year’s curator, John Baizley. It helped light the spark for a raft of creative and thoughtful cinematic output from the good folk at Revolver who have sought to be at the forefront of video content across heavy and alternative music for the past twelve months.

Now, as part of Roadburn Cinema, we are proud to present Revolver Films – a collection of short video presentations that include the likes of Melvins, Richey Beckett, Maynard James Keenan – and the jewel in this particular crown, a collaboration between Prurient, Nothing and Jesu. We will also host the worldwide premiere of a short film created by John Baizley and Revolver’s Jimmy Hubbard focussing on the artwork of Jef Whitehead.

Catch Roadburn Cinema: Revolver Films every afternoon between 16:00-18:00 (4-6pm).

Full Bleed 001: Richey Beckett
Full Bleed 002: Jef Whitehead
Jesu X Nothing X Prurientdocumentary
Jesu X Nothing X Prurientperformance
Baroness’ John Baizley on curating “hugely inspiring” fest
Golfing with the Melvins
Mastodon: Cold Dark Place: Album Art with Richey Beckett
Screaming Arrows: The Mastodon-Scott Kelly Connection
Motor Heads 001: Mlny Parsonz Royal Thunder
No Distortion 002: Scott Kelly “Stones From The Sky”
Scott Kelly Short Documentary
The Art of Work, with Maynard James Keenan

Roadburn CinemaEvening Programme

Each evening from 7.30pm onwards we will screen three insightful films that we have handpicked for our discerning Roadburn attendees!

19:30 (7.30pm)Cocks and Crosses
We will have a nightly screening of Cocks & Crosses – a film that documents Årabrot main man, Kjetil Nernes as he learns of his cancer diagnoses, how he deals with the aftermath of receiving such news, and of the recording of the band’s 2016 album, The Gospel. Shot by director André Løyning, Cocks And Crosses is a must-watch.

On Friday evening, at 19:00 (7pm), ahead of the screening, Kjetil himself will be joining us for a little additional personal insight to the making of the documentary and the path that he now finds himself on.

21:00 (9pm)The Doom Doc
The Doom Doc – a look at the doom and sludge scene in the UK will also be aired every evening, giving a look at the bands that are keeping the underground alive.

22:30(10.30pm)San Diego Takeover: Through the Lens of Just Some Dude by Lannie Rhoades
We will close each night at Roadburn Cinema with documentary footage from San Diego native, Lannie Rhoades who has compiled clips of his friends and peers – many of whom will be part of the San Diego Takeover – as they skate or play their way ‘round town.