March 15, 2018

Following on from the success of last year’s Full Bleed exhibition, Burlesque of North America (BRLSQ) will return to Tilburg for Full Bleed II. Artists include our 2018 curator, Jacob Bannon, our official poster artist this year – Richey Beckett, plus former Roadburn artist alumni Becky Cloonan , John Dyer Baizley and Arik Roper.

This year Full Bleed will be held in a special area of the Koepelhal – one of our new venues for 2018. It will be placed close to the merchandise stands, so we expect it to be a popular destination for checking out new and exclusive artworks, plus meeting the artists behind them. 

The title of the exhibition refers to a common screen printing term, describing a process where silkscreen ink is printed beyond the cut edge of a poster. As a festival that prides itself on taking music and art beyond the expected border, we knew we had to bring this exhibition to Roadburn
once more.

BRLSQ is a creative studio and screen printing shop based in Minneapolis, USA, with only five full-time staff, but an immense vision. The roster of artists they collaborate with is rich and diverse, and John Dyer Baizley has been with them for over a decade.

BRLSQ general manager, Jodi Milbert commented: “When John was working on gaining his range of motion back after the bus accident, he was stir crazy, so I invited him to join us (BRLSQ) in Austin TX (US) for SXSW Flatstock in March 2013. The response from fans was amazing, and we had so much fun. He was hooked.”

“This poster exhibition at Roadburn has been something we’ve talked about and wanted to do for years. So this year, when he was asked to curate and wanted to bring the whole team along, there was no question.”

Full Bleed is an exhibition of printed artwork, along with a print sale featuring artists and collaborators connected through the community of heavy music, artistic comraderie, and a shared print shop: BRLSQ of NA. The exhibition will be open every afternoon / evening throughout Roadburn and a full list of the artists involved can be found below.

Richey Beckett
Responsible for our incredible official poster artwork this year, we’re thrilled that Richey Beckett will be returning to exhibit at Full Bleed II. Working predominantly with record cover and poster art, has been personally invited to create numerous works for legendary metal titans Metallica, progressive sludge behemoths Mastodon and psychedelic torchbearers the Grateful Dead.

Beckett uses traditional pen and ink methods to create intricately detailed pieces of black and white illustration. Taking influence from historic biblical, literary and natural history illustrators and engravers such as Doré, Durer, Audubon and Bewick, along with the decorative flair of Art Nouveau, Beckett creates his own organic world which expands with each new piece.
Clients include: Metallica, Mastodon, Grateful Dead, Kvelertak, Baroness, Robert Plant.

Jacob Bannon
Jacob Bannon has played a significant part in Roadburn 2018 – taking on the role of curator he has handpicked a clutch of bands that are as diverse as they are awesome. He will also perform with both Converge and Wear Your Wounds over the weekend, so he’s set for a busy weekend all told.

Born in 1976, Jake grew up near Boston, Massachusetts (US). When he was 11-12 he became obsessed with the vibrant artwork of the skateboard, BMX, and metal music cultures. He started painting and drawing in a serious manner at age 13. Enrolling at Art Institute of Boston in 1994, he abandoned the “Fine Art” exclusive approach, and enrolled in the Design Program to broaden his horizons. A nontraditional musician / artist / writer, he links all of his creative outlets together, making something bigger, more complex, and creatively personal.

John Dyer Baizley
Our 2017 curator and Baroness frontman returns to exhibit at Full Bleed – only this time hopefully with a bit more down time than last year!

In addition to his music-related artwork, John has a long-standing relationship with Burlesque of North America, with whom John has created thousands of art-prints.

Strongly influenced by symbolism from the 19th–century along with an encyclopedic knowledge of primitive mysticism, global mythologies, pagan rites and Jungian archetypes, Baizley arrives at a very different place with his imagery than typically expected.

While still embracing the seminal teenage icons like Pushead and Raymond Pettibon, and borrowing from collective narratives that predate modern art, Baizley has created an alternative dialect of imagery with his work, taking the viewer on a familiar, yet unique path.

Baizley’s artwork recalls the style of late 19th-century Art Nouveau and of 1980’s punk rock, but re-contextualizes it in a more personal, claustrophobic setting. By overloading traditional symbolism and metaphor with dissimilar stories, archetypes and references, stylistic tropes and lighthearted line work become a denser thing entirely, a story which is nearly unrecognizable when seen as a sum of its parts.

Becky Cloonan
Becky Cloonan left her fingerprints all over Roadburn 2016 with the incredible poster artwork that adorned our merchandise, posters, flyers and even flags around the city of Tilburg! A firm favourite with the Roadburn crowd, we’re thrilled that Becky will be making a return to the Full Bleed this year.

Cloonan is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator who started self-publishing mini comics in 1999. Since then she has gone on to work with Vertigo, Dark Horse, Harper Collins and Marvel, with editions of her work published in several countries around the world. She still tries to self-publish a new mini comic every year.

Arik Roper
Another artist whose work will be very familiar to Roadburn audiences; Arik provided the official festival artwork in 2015, and has provided his considerable talents to several bands that have passed through the Roadburn venues over the years.
Roper is an illustrator who attempts to transcribe images from the visionary mental realms to paper and canvas. Over the years these images have appeared on an variety of album covers, posters, prints, books, magazines, animation, and other outlets that allow him to indulge in journeys of visual escapism.

Marald Van Haasteren
Marald van Haasteren was born in Leiden, The Netherlands in 1970. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 1995. He has been making art for the DIY and underground music scene since 1989 ( bands he worked for include: State of Fear, Wolfbrigade, Boltthrower, Kylesa, High on Fire).

His techniques range from black and white ink work till full color paintings. He uses digital media to boost his images but the basis is always hand drawn work.

Thomas Hooper
Thomas Hooper is a tattooer, an artist, a husband, and a father. These identities shape, blend and define his artistic sensibility across multiple creative mediums. Taking creative inspiration from historic iconography, alchemical and early scientific illustrations, traditional woodcuts and mystic cosmology, Thomas has been tattooing since 2000 and is considered a leader in the modern black-work tattoo genre.

Thomas studied drawing at the London Institute of Art and Design and his artwork has been displayed at numerous galleries, including a recent joint exhibit with his tattoo mentor Jim MacAirt at Fleet Gallery in his hometown of Hastings in East Sussex (UK). Thomas mixes orthodox and contrary drawing and painting techniques, organic textures, computer-enhanced patterns and geometrical entities from his everyday practice on skin in his fine art creative process.

In 2014, Mediafriends / Tattoo Life Productions published Inward: The Art of Thomas Hooper featuring over 120 drawings and paintings as well as a collection of sketches, textures and illustration that document his prolific artistry. Defying creative confinement, Thomas has collaborated with companies such as Fine Light Trading, Helmet Lang and True Black to create jewelry, fabric and clothing.

He has created album art and layout design for Neurosis, Converge, Tombs, Doomriders and many other musical groups. He is also the author and publisher of several highly-regarded pattern, line drawing and skull reference books. Thomas’s pictorial work may share a complementary undercurrent with his skin-based application, but it travels far from the world of tattooing to explore a very medium-orientated abstraction.

Maarten Donders
Maarten Donders is a Dutch illustrator residing in Paris. Moved mainly by the force of music from the 60s and 70s as well as the experimental and heavy music of today, Maarten is always challenged to combine the parallels of art with his love for music. Having visited and worked with the Roadburn Festival in his hometown of Tilburg for 10 years has had a big influence on him and his work. Being in Paris has also reinvigorated his enthousiasm for observing people and immersing oneself in art.

Other big fascinations are nature and the human mind, and mainly the movements of art-nouveau, symbolism and surrealism. Beyond the distinctive ‘psychedelic’ aura of his work, his focus remains fundamentally human: he sees his personal experiences, ideas and meanderings as one and they are translated into images of strong figures via dreamlike narratives and a surreal use of themes and color. Sometimes very intricate, others fairly minimal, his illustrations breathe through a natural flow, a heady vibe both dark and bright.

Burlesque of North America (BRLSQ)
Burlesque of North America is a creative studio and screen-printing shop based in Minneapolis MN. We have a relatively small in-house team: Ben Lafond and Sarah Schatz are screen-printing co-wunderkinds and ink-wizards, Wes Winship reigns supreme with creative oversight and large-scale painting, Mike Davis drinks from an bleeds design and sweats vector-art, and Jodi Milbert is the queen-bee shop manager and shipping-overlord. The full scope includes many contributors and collaborators. We are very lucky to work with an army of hyper-talented artists, all dedicated in a lifelong pursuit to perfect the printed image.


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