March 27, 2018

Every year we strive to bring you just a little bit extra; something to enhance your Roadburn experience in a new and exciting way. The side programme is a big part of this – we work hard to bring you interesting insights, informed debate and a peek behind the scenes at what makes some of your favourite artists tick.

So, once again, we’ve got a jam-packed side programme with panel discussions, Q&As, film screenings and listening sessions. Why not indulge in a change of pace whilst you’re with us?

Cult of Luna & Julie ChristmasQ&A
Johannes Persson and Julie Christmas will join Metal Hammer’s Jonathan Selzer in conversation in the V39 on Thursday afternoon – a super solid start to our 2018 side programme, and a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of this adventurous musical pairing. When Cult of Luna teamed up with Julie Christmas for 2016’s Mariner, they didn’t have any plans to play it live. But the album has now taken them across Europe and seen them criss-cross the USA, before reaching its final destination here with us at Roadburn.

How did the project come together in the first place? What were those first live shows actually like? Is this really the last time we’ll see them on stage together? Those are the questions – among others – that Jonathan will be putting to Johannes and Julie, before turning the mic over to the audience to take their questions.

After the Q&A there will be a chance to meet Cult of Luna and Julie, and to get any merch etc signed.

Thursday, 17:00 (5pm), V39


Industry Panel: Moneycreative lifeblood or necessary evil?

Each year we gather together some of the brightest minds from the world of heavy music and debate a topic that’s relevant to the industry. This year we’re setting our sights on money!

To describe money as a necessary evil may seem frivolous when there seems to be so little of it to go around, but what conditions are likely to come along with a sponsorship deal or an advertisement? How can we trust the news and reviews we read if they have potentially been bought? How much does the resulting ticket sales matter to those in charge of choosing what acts play on a festival bill; is there still room for creativity? Do record labels still provide a cash injection that allows artists to create unhindered, or are creative conditions set on the use of that money?

ModeratorBecky Laverty

Frank GodlaMetal Injection
Gavin McInallyDamnation Festival
Michael BerberianSeason of Mist
Dana SchechterInsect Ark

Friday, 13:30 (1.30pm), V39


Kirk WindsteinQ&A
When Jacob Bannon hand picked Crowbar to play as part of his curated event, we’re pretty sure hundreds of heads start banging in anticipation of what was to come. And to further add to our delight, the band are set to play their classic Odd Fellows Rest album in full. Crowbar have been such an influential force in heavy music over the years and we’ve tasked Jose Carlos Santos with sitting down with Kirk to delve into what has made Crowbar tick for all these years.

We’ll learn more about the writing and recording of Odd Fellows Rest, and get a behind the scenes look at how the album impacted on the band, right the way up to them being asked to perform it for us in full.

Afterwards, you’re welcome to flip over any stones left unturned and ask Kirk questions of your own.

Friday, 15:00 (3pm), V39


Black Metal & Brews
From the moment Austin Lunn touches down in The Netherlands he will be seeking out beers: dark beers, hoppy beers, light beers, fruity beers – you name it, he’s on the case. All in the name of research of course.

The Panopticon main man is something of a beer connoisseur and runs his own Hammerheart Brewery in the USA. We’ve paired him up with Ben Handelman – good friend of Roadburn and fellow beer enthusiast, to compile a list of must-sup brews available in the fair city of Tilburg.

So we can gauge attendance, we request that you express your interest in the event HERE – that way we can print just the right amount of cut-out-and-keep beer guides for you to put into action for your own research around town.

Saturday, 13:00 (1 pm), V39


East Meets West Panel Discussion
Looming over Roadburn 2018, imposing an enormous shadow on proceedings is the influx of West Coast musicians who have formed the San Diego Wrecking Crew. A 48 legged beast that is sure to leave a dent on the city of Tilburg. Joining in the fun over the Roadburn weekend is a core group of musicians from the Japan who put a different spin on psychedelia. The two pronged psych attack will cross over a couple of times over the weekend (not least in the mammoth East Meets West Jam of course!), but on Saturday afternoon we’re gathering a few key figures together to talk about their respective scenes.

Tee Pee RecordsDave Sweetapple will moderate the discussion between Roadburn’s own Walter Hoeijmakers, EarthlessMario Rubalcaba, Zachary Oakley from Joy, and Go from Kikagaku Moyo as they talk influences, collaborations and deep cuts.

Saturday, 15:00 (3pm), V39

Andreas Kohl
Vinyl Manufacture Presentation

The resurgence of vinyl is more than a trend or a short-term hype. This should be clear by now even to conservative observers of the media world. Even with issues hampering growth such as pressing capacities, lack of new machinery and shortage of well-trained and enthusiastic personal vinyl still has been able to move some figures in manufacturing and is now on the brink of becoming a serious business model even for new companies and start-ups. With questions yet to be answered how the fandom-driven attitude of the medium will change first and foremost the future will depend on how technology will be able to adjust to the demand.

Andreas Kohl, Senior Sales Manager at Optimal Media, currently the world’s biggest pressing plant in terms of annual output will give an insight on new technology hitting the market and the current state of manufacturing the black gold in general. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A session where every imaginable detail can be discussed and questions may be asked involving details of record manufacturing. Andreas will bring knowledge and passion to the discussion and answer all these questions.

Sunday, 13:00 (1pm), V39

Walter Roadburn
Ever wanted to find out how Roadburn came to be the festival you see before you today? Ever wondered why a certain band is yet to make it on stage at Roadburn? Ever wondered who still tops Walter’s personal wish list after 20 years in this business?

Well, now’s your chance to find out! On the final day of Roadburn 2018, Walter will be reflecting on what has happened over the previous three days – and the previous two decades! This is your chance to put your burning questions to the mastermind behind Roadburn. But be quick as no doubt he’ll be dashing across the street to catch Sól án varma right after!

Sunday, 14:00 (2pm), V39

Listening Sessions

This year, we’re hosting a whole bunch of listening sessions for killer new records! We’re mixing things up a bit this year and the albums in question will be available to listen to at either the Hall of Fame bar or the Basement Bar of the 013 venue – why not get stuck into a beer or a whiskey whilst absorbing some new tunes?

We’re thrilled to bring you exclusive playthroughs of:
19:00 (7pm), 013 basementHangman’s ChairBanlieue Triste
21:00 (9pm), 013 basementWiegedoodDe Doden Hebben Het Goed III
17:00 (5pm), Hall of FameMinami DeutschWith Dim Light
18:30 (6.30pm), 013 basementBig KizzMusic Is Magic
20:00 (8pm), Hall of FamePetyrSmolyk
20:00 (8pm), 013 basement Soft KillSavior

Home of MetalPortrait Shoot

Calling all Sabbath fans! Fancy being a part of heavy metal history?

If you worship at the altar of Iommi come and pay your respects by having your photograph taken by the good folk from Home of Metal, who are gathering a vast collection of Black Sabbath fans portraits from around the world.

They’ll be setting up in the Koepelhall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 16:00 and 19:00 (4 and 7pm) for you to add your face to the LINE UP.

The portraits gathered will form part of a major exhibition in Birmingham, the undisputed Home of Metal during the summer of 2019.

You can also contribute by digging out your Black Sabbath t-shirts, ticket stubs, photos, tour programmes, posters and uploading them to the digital archive which will help to inform the exhibition.

“It’s always humbling to realise how you’ve touched people’s lives with your music, a project where fans are actively involved is great”Tony Iommi

Roadburn Cinema presents: Revolver Films

One of the first videos to appear on the new-look Revolver website was a peek at Roadburn from the point of view of last year’s curator, John Baizley. It helped light the spark for a raft of creative and thoughtful cinematic output from the good folk at Revolver who have sought to be at the forefront of video content across heavy and alternative music for the past twelve months.

Now, as part of Roadburn Cinema, we are proud to present Revolver Films – a collection of short video presentations that include the likes of Melvins, Richey Beckett, Maynard James Keenan – and the jewel in this particular crown, a collaboration between Prurient, Nothing and Jesu. We will also host the worldwide premiere of a short film created by John Baizley and Revolver’s Jimmy Hubbard focussing on the artwork of Jef Whitehead.

Catch Roadburn Cinema: Revolver Films every afternoon between 16:00-18:00 (4-6pm).

Full Bleed 001: Richey Beckett
Full Bleed 002: Jef Whitehead
Jesu X Nothing X Prurientdocumentary
Jesu X Nothing X Prurientperformance
Baroness’ John Baizley on curating “hugely inspiring” fest
Golfing with the Melvins
Mastodon: Cold Dark Place: Album Art with Richey Beckett
Screaming Arrows: The Mastodon-Scott Kelly Connection
Motor Heads 001: Mlny Parsonz Royal Thunder
No Distortion 002: Scott Kelly “Stones From The Sky”
Scott Kelly Short Documentary
The Art of Work, with Maynard James Keenan.

Roadburn CinemaEvening Programme

Each evening from 7.30pm onwards we will screen three insightful films that we have handpicked for our discerning Roadburn attendees!

19:30 (7.30pm)Cocks and Crosses
We will have a nightly screening of Cocks & Crosses – a film that documents Årabrot main man, Kjetil Nernes as he learns of his cancer diagnoses, how he deals with the aftermath of receiving such news, and of the recording of the band’s 2016 album, The Gospel. Shot by director André Løyning, Cocks And Crosses is a must-watch.

On Friday evening, at 19:00 (7pm), ahead of the screening, Kjetil himself will be joining us for a little additional personal insight to the making of the documentary and the path that he now finds himself on.

21:00 (9pm)The Doom Doc
The Doom Doc – a look at the doom and sludge scene in the UK will also be aired every evening, giving a look at the bands that are keeping the underground alive.

22:30 (10.30pm)San Diego Takeover: Through the Lens of Just Some Dude by Lannie Rhoades
We will close each night at Roadburn Cinema with documentary footage from San Diego native, Lannie Rhoades who has compiled clips of his friends and peers – many of whom will be part of the San Diego Takeover – as they skate or play their way ‘round town.

April 11-14 - 2019

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