April 9, 2018

Dear Roadburners,

Below you will find a whole bunch of information that will make your time at Roadburn run smoothly. If you have any questions after this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know, but we’re confident we have most things covered here. Give it a good read ahead of time, and then you can dedicate your time in Tilburg to having the best time possible. With just over a week to go til the festivities kick off, we’re really looking forward to welcoming you to Roadburn 2018!

A – Access

When you arrive at the 013 and switch your ticket for a wristband you can pick up a programme booklet. In the centre pages there is a map that lays out where the venues are.

The ticket exchange at the 013 venue will be open on Wednesday night from 6pm to 11pm. We strongly advise you to pick up your wristband on Wednesday night if you’re already in town. It will reduce queues and speed up your access to the venues on Thursday. From Thursday through to Saturday the ticket exchange will be open from 11am onwards. On Sunday, the ticket exchange opens at 12.30pm.

At the 013 venue, we have friendly and efficient security staff who are there to ensure all of our safety. Please comply with their requests should they want to search your bags or if they have questions on the way into the venue. They have no intention of spoiling anybody’s fun but safety is an important aspect of Roadburn, so your cooperation is appreciated. Please note: rucksacks are not allowed into the venues – totebags and similar are okay. See L for info on lockers and luggage storage.

Familiarise yourself with the info that’s relevant to you so you can let your hair down and have a good time without worrying about how you’ll be united with your bed at the end of the day.

B – BB Bastidas & more art exhibitions (Verði ljós, JT Rhoades)

BB Bastidas is an eclectic and multi faceted artist hailing from Southern California. His talents have taken him all around the world as his artwork is exhibited and celebrated in country after country – and now they’re landing him in Tilburg, with us! Very much a key part of the San Diego scene that is very much present at Roadburn 2018, BB’s artwork has captured that Oceanside vibe on our San Diego Takeover posters.

Don’t forget to check out the other art that’s on display on the walls of the 013 venue. There are around 50 frames displaying the photography from Verði ljós (which will give you an insight into Iceland’s black circle), JT Rhoades’ take on the SoCal lifestyle, and of course, our official poster artist, Richey Beckett.   

C  – Cinema

As usual, the basement of the V39 will host Roadburn Cinema – and this year we have a veritable feast of film for you! We have partnered up with Revolver to present a selection of films each afternoon between 4-6pm, including the exclusive premiere of Full Bleed 002: Jef Whitehead.

And each evening from 7.30pm onwards, we will also screen on rotation three more films: The Doom Doc, Cocks & Crosses and San Diego Takeover: Through the Lens of Just Some Dude  by Lannie Rhoades.

Roadburn Cinema is an ever-popular edition to our programme, but occasionally you might get lucky and have a nice quiet room to yourself to catch a film! Bring a beer, get comfortable and watch some good flicks.

D – Drinking & eating

We’ve laid on a whole host of different food options around the Roadburn venues this year. This year, you can find a food area near the Koepelhal as well as the usual stalls outside the 013 venue. Pretty much every taste or dietary requirement is taken care of by the food trucks so you’re sure to find something to suit. And if that’s not enough there’s a pop up restaurant underneath Het Patronaat venue. Not to mention all the bars and cafes that Tilburg has to offer. You’ll not go hungry!

E – Earthless & The San Diego Takeover

Our 2018 Artist In Residence, Earthless, will perform three times over the course of the weekend with three different vibes to their sets. We don’t recommend you miss any of them quite frankly, but whatever you do, don’t miss them entirely.

Their West Coast cohorts will be arriving en masse to leave their mark on Tilburg as Harsh Toke, Joy, Sacri Monti, Petyr, Arctic, Pharlee and Volcano perform across the weekend. This is a truly special collection of shows, bringing a little slice of Oceanside to The Netherlands.

The San Diego Takeover is supported by Brabant C and Performing Arts Fund NL.

F – Full Bleed II

Burlesque of North America are present for the second year, with an exhibition and poster art sale featuring Richey Beckett, Jacob Bannon, John Baizley, Becky Cloonan, Maarten Donders, Arik Roper, Thomas Hooper and Marald van Haasteren. This time they’ll be setting up shop at the Koepelhal, so you can’t miss ‘em.

G – (The) Grass Company

Whether you’re from The Netherlands or abroad, Roadburn visitors who are over the age of 18 (and with valid ID) can enter Tilburg’s coffee shops and purchase cannabis products. The Grass Company is one of the bigger outlets in the city of Tilburg, and the first one you’ll come across when making your way from the station. We encourage anybody who chooses to partake, to do so responsibly, of course!

H –  Hardrock Hideout

Early ‘burners catch… well, not the worm, but they will catch three incredible bands if they’re in Tilburg on Wednesday night! That’s right, our traditional Hardrock Hideout at the Cul de Sac, is the over-the-top, high-octane welcome that all Roadburners anticipate fervently. In collaboration with Babylon Doom Cult Records, we have some of Belgium’s loudest, rowdiest and most exciting bands warming up Roadburn 2018. From 8.30pm you can catch Witch Trail, Speed Queen and Bütcher – all for free!

Why not head over to the 013 venue to pick up your ticket whilst you’re around! It’s the perfect chance to get your bearings and relax into the Roadburn vibe.

I – Iceland – Sól án varma

We’re thrilled that the second of our specially commissioned performances for Roadburn 2018 will unite the might of Iceland’s black circle (Misþyrming, Naðra, Svartidauði and Wormlust) under the banner Vánagandr on Sunday.

The title of the piece these seven musicians will perform is Sól án varma, which roughly translates to “sun without radiance.” The opus will encompass a slow primal roar – a process which cannot be stopped once started, and that only continues to grow, reinventing itself in its complexity.

Chaos. Dissolution. Confusion.

Sól án varma is supported by Brabant C.

J – Jacob Bannon & Converge

Jake has worked with us in the year leading up to Roadburn 2018 to piece together an incredible curated line up that spans the Friday and Saturday of the festival. Uniting acts as diverse as Zola Jesus, Greenmachine and Godflesh under the banner of his curation has added his distinct taste to the overall line up.

As well as that, Converge will perform two incredibly special sets. As a one-off, exclusive show, Converge will perform You Fail Me in full, plus their new album, The Dusk In Us, also in full. We can’t wait!

K – Koepelhal

The biggest of our new venues this year is the Koepelhal. Throughout the weekend it will house the merchandise stands and the Full Bleed exhibit, plus on Friday and Saturday there will be bands playing in this great new space. We think the Koepelhal will be key to reducing queues that have been found at Het Patronaat in previous years. The Koepelhal and the Hall of Fame venue are just a few minutes walk from the 013 venue. It’s really not far, but the first time you venture there, we suggest you leave a few spare minutes just so you can get your bearings!

Koepelhal and Hall of Fame are supported by Brabant C and Tilburg City Council.

L – Lockers & luggage

There are multiple options for storing merch and personal items throughout the festival. Work out which suits you best, based on what it is you need to stash away.

There are lockers at the 013 venue and Hall of Fame which will be perfect for coats and small bags. These cost €2 – and if you need to open the door multiple times you can get a new token from the staff at the venues so you don’t have to pay each time.

The only downside to these lockers is that if you’re buying vinyl or posters, it’s not gonna fit. But we have planned for this! There is designated merch storage at the Koepelhal – right where all the merch is for sale! Handy, right? €1 will get you sorted here.

And if you have rucksacks, suitcases, or other bulky items that aren’t allowed in the venues, we can store them too! This may be particularly useful if you’re traveling to/from Roadburn and don’t have time to leave your stuff elsewhere. The Large Item Storage will be in a room at the parking garage right up the street from the 013 venue. Follow the signs and stash your BIG stuff for €5.

M – Munten (tokens)

You can buy tokens (munten) from the machines located in the foyer of the 013 venue, Het Patronaat, Hall of Fame, Koepelhal, and from the information desk. These can be exchanged for food and drink in the official Roadburn venues only and the food / drink stalls immediately outside the 013 venue and Koepelhal.

We know only too well how tempting it is to stay sat in a bar until 5 minutes before a band starts – but allow time to grab tokens before the show starts, so you’re not rushing around at the last minute. Please note: remaining tokens cannot be returned for money.

N – New music (listening sessions)

This year, we’re hosting a whole bunch of listening sessions for killer new records! We’re mixing things up a bit this year and the albums in question will be available to listen to at either the Hall of Fame bar or the Basement Bar of the 013 venue – why not get stuck into a beer or a whiskey whilst absorbing some new tunes?

We’re thrilled to bring you exclusive playthroughs of albums from Wiegedood, Soft Kill, Big Kizz and others. We have two more exciting listening sessions to add this week, so keep an eye (or ear!) out for those.

O – Online playlist

There are over 100 bands playing Roadburn. We don’t expect you to necessarily know them all, but why not check out as many as possible? There will be a test afterwards… only kidding, but if you give our official playlist a spin you may find yet more bands to add to your “must watch” schedule.

P – Photography

Unless you are attending as professional press and have been granted a photo pass then you won’t be able to bring a camera with a lens of over 35mm. However, any photos that you do take with your phone / non-professional camera we’d love to see, so please tag us or use the hashtag #RB18 on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so we can see what your weekend looked like.

Q – Questions

We’re always here to answer your questions but please be aware that there may be a bit of a delay in getting back to you during the festival itself. If your question is urgent or if you feel unsafe please speak to a member of staff or security at any of the venues. If your question is not life or death feel free to message us or tweet us whenever you like!

R – Richey Beckett

We’re truly honoured to have Richey Beckett as our official poster artist at Roadburn this year. He is internationally renowned, well respected by his peers and an enormous talent! We’re delighted with the pieces that he has made for us to represent this year’s festival, and thrilled that his work will be on display at both the 013 venue, and at Full Bleed in the Koepelhal.

S – Side Programme

Every year we strive to bring you just a little bit extra; something to enhance your Roadburn experience in a new and exciting way. The side programme is a big part of this – we work hard to bring you interesting insights, informed debate and a peek behind the scenes at what makes some of your favourite artists tick. So, once again, we’ve got a jam-packed side programme with panel discussions, Q&As, film screenings and listening sessions. Why not indulge in a change of pace whilst you’re with us? There is also the opportunity to get involved with the Home of Metal project and have your photo taken for their archives!

Click here for more side programme info.

T – Travel

Depending on where you need to get to, there’s a whole bunch of options available. Most travel around Tilburg can be managed by foot, but if you’re going a bit further afield you might want to plan ahead.

When travelling by train please remember: when you travel with a single-use chip card you must check in and out with each train operator through the gates or posts. It is really important that you check in your chip card either on – or on the way to – the platform, and on your way out again. Please ensure you do this as the train operators consider it your responsibility to locate the touch-in posts / barriers, and the fines can be quite high if you don’t – no doubt you’d rather save your money for some more vinyl or a few extra beers!

To find out when the last trains to Eindhoven, Breda and ’s-Hertogenbosch leave Tilburg, see below. For the most up to date info, please check the Dutch Rail (NS) website or the public transportation website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On Saturday and Sunday there will be heavy railroad construction. If you’re traveling by train from Breda, Eindhoven or ‘s-Hertogenbosch central station to Tilburg and vice versa, there will be busses running instead of the trains. It will take an extra 30 minutes to get to Tilburg or back.

Thursday night:
Eindhoven: Last trains  – 0.13am | 0.38am
Breda: Last trains  – 0.08am | 0.28am
’s-Hertogenbosch: Last trains  – 0.13am | 0.43am

Friday night:
Eindhoven: Last trains – 0.38am | 0.54am
Bus (unnumbered)* –  2.13am
Breda: Last trains – 0.08am | 0.28am
Bus (unnumbered)* – 2.20am
’s-Hertogenbosch: Last trains – 0.13am |  0.43am
Bus (unnumbered)* – 2.15am

*Leaving from Central Station.

Saturday night:
Eindhoven: Bus (unnumbered)* – 1.13am | 2.13am
Breda: Bus (unnumbered)* – 1.20am | 2.20am
’s-Hertogenbosch: Bus (unnumbered)* – 0.09am | 2.15am
Night bus to ’s-Hertogenbosch3am | 4am**

*Leaving from Central Station.
** The departure area for this “night bus” is located at the Interpolis building, near the Tivoli Parking.  

Sunday night:
Eindhoven: Bus (unnumbered)* – 0.22am | 0.52am
Breda: Bus (unnumbered)* – 0.24am | 0.54am
’s-Hertogenbosch: Bus (unnumbered)* – 11.39pm |  0.09am

*Leaving from Central Station.

T – Taxis

For cab service in and around Tilburg, please contact Taxi Korthout: +31 (0)13 4 555 555. Look for the Roadburn logo on the vehicles! You can find multiple cabs around the venues, but please be aware they are not all legitimate taxi companies, so prices can differ a lot.

There is a shuttle bus to and from the Beekse Bergen jungalow park. The bus leaves from St. Josephstraat in front of De Nieuwe School, and does a round trip every 20 minutes from 1.15pm – 6pm, and 11.30pm – 3.00am. A single ride will set you back €3.50, a 3 day ticket is €18 and a 4 day ticket is €24.

U – Urban Campsite

Located just fifteen minutes walk from the 013 venue, the Urban campsite is the ideal, affordable way to sleep at Roadburn! At the time of writing there is still some space for campers! Please note: This year the urban campsite will be in a new location  – Oisterwijksebaan, 5018 TG Tilburg. The Urban campsite opens at noon on Wednesday. There will be a complimentary shuttle service to / from the train station so you don’t have to carry all your luggage through the city when you arrive. The bus leaves the back of the train station (there will be volunteers to point you in the right direction) on Wednesday (noon – 9pm), Thursday (9am – 7pm), Sunday (10am – 3pm) and Monday (9am – 1pm).

In case you don’t fancy a walk from the campsite to the 013 venue and back, there’s an additional shuttle bus to the Urban Campsite. The bus leaves from the Spoorlaan between Rabobank and ABN AMRO and does a round trip every 20 minutes from 1.15pm 6pm, and 11.30pm – 3.00pm. A single ride will set you back €3.50, a 3 day ticket is €18 and a 4 day ticket is €24. Look on the Roadburn map for the bus stops.

V – Verwoed

For almost a decade, we have been showcasing promising Dutch or Belgian bands that have their own vibe, while at the same time possessing that certain Roadburn flair. In collaboration with Never Mind The Hype – an independent Dutch music platform for everything heavy, alternative and deviant –  we are thrilled to present Holland’s own Verwoed to (re)connect with our receptive attendees during an intimate showcase at the Cul de Sac on Saturday, April 21. Verwoed starts at 1.30pm.

W – Waste of Space Orchestra

In the spirit of always moving forward, we have worked hard behind the scenes to bring you something innovative and exciting for this year’s festival. Opening the Main Stage on Thursday will be the first of our specially commissioned pieces, created just for us – and of course for you as well. Familiar to most Roadburners, Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu are combining their forces to write and perform a new concept piece for Roadburn 2018. The collaboration will be named Waste of Space Orchestra.

Waste of Space Orchestra is supported by Brabant C.

X – Xeroxed Zines – Weirdo Canyon Dispatch

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of our daily zine! Available Thursday through to Sunday from the entrance to the 013 venue, but when they’re gone, they’re gone (although you can still check them out online at Roadburn.com)! Our crack team of highly regarded writers, lead by the amicable JJ Koczan and Lee Edwards, slave through the night to produce the Weirdo Canyon Dispatch, so check it out and relive the previous day’s glories!  

Y – Your Roadburn

As ever, we love to see and hear about your Roadburn experiences. Please tag us in pictures or use the hashtag #RB18, give us feedback on the event page or the Roadburners facebook group and tweet us about your favourite performances.

Don’t forget, you can extend your Roadburn experience a little longer each night at one of our afterparties! As many of you have experienced first hand, the Roadburn afterparties have become legendary over the years; massive sing-alongs, and debauchery on the dancefloor – this year will be no different!

Head over to the foyer bar of the 013 venue, as those dancing shoes are calling.

Thursday  (0.30am3am)
Roadburn regular DJ Cosmic Masseur will be kicking off the proceedings – expect some righteous metal, but also 60s/70s, and even some Funk.

Friday (midnight – 3am)
The return of Bitches Brew! Partying is the name of the game, with a mix of DJs keeping you dancing til the lights come on and the sweat starts to dry.

Saturday (midnight – 3am)
Legendary Dutch DJ, De Rooie Jager, is making his Roadburn debut, and will party the 2018 festival into oblivion! Don’t miss out, as De Rooie Jager knows his classics, whether it’s metal, punk or garage rock.

Z – Zola Jesus/ Zuriaake/ Zonal

Not much to say here… we’re just thrilled to have THREE great Z’s to choose from this year!

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