April 3, 2018

It’s a little over two weeks until we open the doors on another edition of Roadburn, and kicking things off on that Thursday afternoon at Het Patronaat will be none other than Sannhet. Today, we premiere their new video for the track, So Numb, and it gives us a little sneak preview of what’s in store come April 19!

Hailing from Brooklyn, this instrumental trio deliver intensity in spades. The thoughtful care and attention that goes into their visual presentation evidently doesn’t diminish the gut-twisting potency and immediacy of their performance. Having previously straddled genres that veered into both black metal and post-rock, they’re in no rush to pick a side although their recent album – also titled So Numb – buries most traces of the former in lush melody and swirling beauty.

There is no lack of narrative, despite the absence of lyrics – Sannhet have perfected the art of wordless storytelling, presenting just enough information to allow us to piece together the rest of the picture for ourselves. This video is a continuation of this as the band explain:

“It is our intention for the viewer to use the sensory experience of a Sannhet event as you might a Tarot or a Rorschach. 
While witnessing the images, sound waves moving through their bodies, associations manifest and tangible meanings are gleaned – the product of their personal experience, a reflection of their inner self.
The interpretations that emerge originate in the viewers’ subconsciousness, thereby the performance becomes their own. This video is an attempt to peer into the experiential journey of one of our performances.”

What we take from that is that there’s not going to be much in the way of easing in gently to Sannhet’s set and indeed to Roadburn. So, prepare yourselves – you’re in for quite the ride.

So Numb by Sannhet is out now via Profound Lore. As well as playing Roadburn, the band will tour both Europe and America in the coming weeks, head to Facebook for more information.

Sannhet play at 3pm on Thursday, 19 April at Het Patronaat.

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