September 30, 2021

At Roadburn music and visual art is tightly bound together; visual accompaniment to sonic exploration provides a more immersive experience that we wholeheartedly embrace. In keeping with what has become a festival tradition, we’re thrilled to announce the visual artists leaving their mark on Roadburn 2022

The Finnish Valreza Collective is a new endeavour – created in summer 2020 – but featuring two artists who have extensive experience and unrestrained vision. Tekla Vály and Tereza Holubová are multidisciplinary creatives who utilise photography, sculpture, film, costume and performance to create eerie pieces that explore both darkness and light, horror and joy – and more specifically, they often navigate the places where those opposites intersect. 

Roadburn 2022 will be an edition like no other; created in an uncertain landscape for the live music industry but shaped with optimism. The visual representation of the festival’s approach required a creative mindset that could tap into the dichotomy of the current state of flux and design something that captures the passion, vulnerability, darkness, hope, joy, and sheer weight of human emotion that fuels Roadburn. Tekla and Tereza approached the task with enthusiasm and have produced a vivid piece of art. 

The full eight minute video can be watched here:

Teklas artistry may already be familiar to some Roadburners; she has created album artwork for Oranssi PazuzuMestarin Kynsi, Grave PleasuresMotherblood, HexvesselWhen We Are Death, and most recently for Warning’s Watching from a Distance Live at Roadburn album. Meanwhile, Tereza has exhibited her work in Japan, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Finland. 

“Working with Roadburn is a great opportunity for us as an artistic collective to gather more experience and work with a team of professionals in a different field. We are extremely excited, honoured and overall thankful to have this opportunity to represent Roadburn Festival visually.”

Apart from the full video above, a shorter teaser on our social channels comes with sonic accompaniment from Thomas and Milena of GOLD. The otherworldly psychedelia of the celebratory rituals captured on film are full of jubilation and steeped in euphoria. An uncanny undercurrent hints at an unspoken darkness and of supernatural influence.

We’re delighted to present the work of Valreza as part of Roadburn 2022; we wholeheartedly encourage you to immerse yourself in the full eight minute experience and embrace everything that Tekla and Tereza have offered up to us.