Acid Rooster to carry Roadburn beyond the astral planes

Heavy psych continues to be a forcefully evolving genre, and remains a pivotal cornerstone of Roadburn after all these years. It’s equally exciting to unearth new bands who push starry-eyed mind explorations to new heights, and Germany’s Acid Rooster are working such magic to great effect. Though Acid Rooster have flown their freak flag high for many moons, the band only released their impressive S/T debut very recently. And not to exaggerate — ‘Acid Rooster‘ is one of the best contemporary psych records around, hence inviting them for Roadburn 2020 on Saturday, April 18th.

Mainlining the spirit of Agitation Free, Neu! or any of the well known German psych and krautrock pioneers, Acid Rooster’s partially-written and part-improv take on free-thinking psych is equal parts monolithic and hypnotic, executed with genuine conviction – it’s like being catapulted into orbit by wave after cosmic wave in a maelstrom of psychedelic flavors, whether it’s blistering guitar pyrotechnics or the downtempo check-ins with your consciousness. It’s Acid Rooster’s strength to relentlessly take you well beyond the astral planes.

The band comments: “We are longing to feel the unique atmosphere of Roadburn! As our approach of performing free-thinking music is quite spontaneous, we’re very curious about the way this experience will influence the verve and the evolution of our playing.”

Let Acid Rooster envelop you with their glorious jams and take you higher than the sun!

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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