Aerial Ruin Bring Eerie Confessionals To Roadburn 2018

Portland-based folk artist Erik Moggridge has been performing under the moniker Aerial Ruin for many years now. While many Roadburn attendees will know Moggridge’s pedigree primarily on the basis of his frequent appearances on albums by the mighty Bell Witch, his own project displays a remarkable sense of texture and delicacy that is equal in its melancholy yet entirely independent.

Aerial Ruin’s recently released Nameless Sun beautifully follows the tradition set forth on its predecessor Ash of Your Cares in offering up eerie acoustic confessionals that can raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Moggridge plays guitar with the precision of a spider slowly building its web; everything falls into place delicately yet with a brilliant and focused grace.

If the songs themselves weren’t enough, Moggridge’s voice seems to shift between realms as he sings. With one foot in our world and the other somewhere beyond the veil, his mournful music melds raw human emotion with intangible and unfathomable atmosphere. It’s this transcendence of genre and form that makes Aerial Ruin such an exciting addition to the Roadburn 2018 roster, offering some of the heaviest feelings with some of the most subdued sounds to be found. Those who’ve heard his music know that the call is worth heeding.

Moggridge commented: “Aerial Ruin is honored to announce its Roadburn debut and then add its voice to the waves of sonic upheaval that only Bell Witch can create.”

We can’t wait to be humbled into silence as he shares his songs with us in addition to his collaborative set with Bell Witch as part of this year’s festival.

Aerial Ruin will perform on Saturday, April 21 at the 013 venue.

Ben Handleman / September 2017

Date: April 21

Time: 20.50

Type: Het Patronaat

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