Alcest will be part of Roadburn Festival 2020, as they have been invited by both curating artists and friends Emma Ruth Rundle and James Kent

As this is our first time having two curators at Roadburn, we have been thrilled to see both Emma Ruth Rundle and James Kent follow their own creative paths with the bands they select. Each representing a different strand of Roadburn’s DNA, they have taken different approaches – with each of their curated selection illustrating something of their own personal tastes, whilst also showcasing the diversity of Roadburn. From the word go, there was just one place where James and Emma cross over: Alcest. So, it is with enormous pleasure that we – and our co-conspirators, James and Emma – are able to announce Alcest for Roadburn 2020.

Of her former tour mates, Emma comments: “I had the pleasure of coming to know Alcest as I joined them on a tour in 2015 and they have since become one of my favorite bands, full of the best humans. I love every one of Alcest’s transcendent albums. I have worn out my copy of 2016’s Kodama, and so I was thrilled to hear their newest work Spiritual Instinct; the two albums work nicely together and sort of mark a new era for the band. They will be coming to Roadburn to transport us all with a performance titled Visions du futur which will include selections from their last two albums. The set is sure open the veil from our everyday world into one of their ethereal creation.”

Co-curator, James Kent says: “Alcest has been making their own brand of music for more than fifteen years now; a beautiful crossroad between shoegaze and atmospheric black metal with a surreal dreamlike feel to it. I am extremely proud and honoured to count the band members amongst my friends, and most of all, to have shared the stage with them in Paris earlier in 2019, where we merged their music with mine. It was a unique experience, one that made me truly see just how passionate and talented they are when it comes to their craft. It should then come as no surprise to know how eager I am to see their Visions du futur set at Roadburn, fully aware that it will be something majestic and special”

Alcest’s Neige adds: “It’s such a great honor for us to announce that Alcest will be part of Roadburn Festival 2020, as we’ve been invited by both curating artists and friends James Kent/Perturbator and Emma Ruth Rundle. These artists are very special for us and we are big admirers of their work. Perturbator did a collaborative set with Alcest in Paris this year and we played with Emma on several occasions. We kept an amazing memory of the tour we did with her in the U.S. some years ago. This will be our third time playing the iconic Roadburn; last time in 2013, I was one of the artists in residence and performed there with three different bands, including Alcest. Our 2020 set will be called Visions du futur and will consist of songs from our two last albums, showing the more modern side of the band. We are really looking forward to being back after all these years and present this exclusive set to you guys!”

With a back catalogue that is rich and varied, there was always going to be an embarrassment of riches to choose from, and we’re thrilled that with Visions du futur they will be shining a spotlight on where Alcest are right now – and indeed, where the future will take them. If you’re lucky enough to catch them touring their most recent album, you will already have a sliver of insight as to what we can expect.

Becky Laverty / November 2019

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Main Stage