Alcest to perform Écailles de Lune in its entirety

Originally slated to appear at Roadburn 2020, handpicked by both our curators (James Kent and Emma Ruth Rundle), we were so looking forward to welcoming Alcest back to Roadburn. So, we’re thrilled that two years later we’re once again announcing Alcest for Roadburn – this time performing a full album set focussing on their 2010 release, Écailles de Lune. This will mark the third Roadburn appearance for Alcest; their last performance was part of Neige’s residency back in 2013 – arguably they’re overdue for a revisit.

Alcest are a constantly evolving band, offering something new and enticing with every new release, but Écailles de Lune (which translates to ‘Moon Scales’ – and sounds far less evocative in English) is an album that we – and no doubt many others – return to time and time again. The shimmering guitars and lush vocals coalesce into celestial harmony before giving way to angular shards of black metal; the result is surely the epitome of the blackgaze scene that Alcest have spearheaded.

Clocking in at a little over 40 minutes, the six songs seem to elongate time, space and everything in between. The cavernous roars, the atmospheric undercurrent and the intricate layers are sure to captivate us when they take to the stage at Roadburn. We’ll be right there alongside you as you re-emerge into the real world afterwards, blinking in the light.

Neige comments:
“We are beyond excited to be back to the legendary Roadburn Festival for the first time in years. We will be playing Écailles de Lune in its entirety and other selected songs. It’s been a while and we can’t wait to see you again in Tilburg!” 

After a two year delay, what better way to be welcomed back to Tilburg than by being greeted by this great companion of an album. We’ll see you down the front. 

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA