AntropomorphiA will mercilessly brutalize Roadburn 2017!

We do pride ourselves in our permanent mission of discovery and exploration here at Roadburn, but while there is a special delight in discovering a spectacular new hybrid of freejazz and acid sludge from Timbuktu to share with all our Roadburners, sometimes a bit of balancing out is needed. And just like sometimes, all you need is a simple fucking juicy steak on your plate without any frills whatsoever, so in music sometimes all you need is a healthy, face-melting slab of proper death metal to throw the horns up in delightful metallic abandon.

Because every once in a while everything in the world seems to really click together, we happened to have the perfect candidate to fill that guts-shaped hole in our hearts right here under our noses, in our own little Tilburg, of all places. It’s hard to explain how we’ve previously missed the stench of AntropomorphiA before when putting the Roadburn line-up together, but maybe we were unconsciouly waiting for the towering Sermon Ov Wrath, the demonic quartet’s new and gigantic record, to rouse our senses. Mastered by the one and only Tore Stjerna, it’s filled with putrefying odes to the deceased, the devil, and all the sinful depravities you can imagine in between.

It’s very fancy now for bands to call their gigs “rituals”, and while AntropomorphiA do have the correct iconography and pathos to do it, they’d rather let the murky brutality of their intricate yet straightforward-sounding death metal to do the trick. So no, we’re not inviting you to some eerie ritual or to some shadowy congregation of the occult. We’re inviting you to a simple, to-the-point feast of savagery where proper metal will rule supreme. Imagine a plane carrying a thousand corpses unloading its cargo on you, and you’ll know how it will feel to be at Extase on Friday, April 21, when local heroes AntropomorphiA take to the stage.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Thursday, Friday and Sunday day-tickets are now on sale!

Date: April 21

Time: 20:10

Type: Extase