Årabrot to perform as part of Pelagic Presents label showcase

As we all know by now, Roadburn wasn’t able to exist in its usual form in 2021, so we went online and put together a programme of performances, premieres and more for Roadburners around the globe. A standout of Roadburn Redux was the collection of bands showcased under the banner of Pelagic Presents. The German label, helmed by The Ocean’s Robin Staps, has a roster jam-packed with talent – both established acts and must-see up-and-comers. As we worked towards our 2022 edition, we decided we would bring Pelagic Presents with us as we return to the physical realm. 

This ambitious three-pronged expansive performance will be the jewel in the crown of the Pelagic showcase at Roadburn 2022. We’re thrilled to welcome electronic craftsman, Lustmord, to Roadburn for the first time. This pioneering artist will kick off an extended, interconnected trio of sets with a solo performance. He will be joined on stage by Karin Park and together they will perform tracks from their 2021 collaborative album, Alter. Following that, Karin will pull double duty as she performs as part of Årabrot who are set to make a triumphant return to the Roadburn stage as the climax of this shared experience. 

Of his Roadburn appearance, Lustmord comments:

“After a 2.5 year hiatus Lustmord returns to the stage with a live appearance at Roadburn along with the first ever live performance with Karin Park.

And the earth shall move…“

For the last four decades, Lustmord has been conjuring audio magic that has been highly influential in many scenes and across multiple genres; his musical DNA has been detected throughout many Roadburn line ups over the years. Often credited as being the architect of ‘dark ambient’, his influence can’t be overstated. Reflecting the world around him back into his creations gives Lustmord a rich palette of endless sonic textures to utilise in his work. With live performances now few and far between, it is with great pleasure that we prepare to welcome Lustmord to Roadburn to perform a solo set in April. 

Lustmord’s collaborators are as varied as his own output; from Melvins, to Tool, to Throbbing Gristle. Earlier this year, Alter found its way into the world – a collaboration with Karin Park, released via Pelagic Records. The album is cinematic, ethereal and truly exquisite. The combination of these two creative minds has concocted something darkly beautiful; the perfect amalgam of Lustmord’s desolate soundscapes and Park’s eerie vocals and beguiling synths. To host this exclusive performance is a dream come true for us at Roadburn, as the pair will unite to perform together including selections from Alter.

The final strand of this trio of performances comes from the irrepressible Årabrot. Once Park has caught her breath, she will return to the stage with her partner and co-creator Kjetil Nernes. 2021 album, Norwegian Gothic, received countless spins here at Roadburn HQ; the dark rock’n’roll spirit infused within giving us a good excuse to shake off some cobwebs and move our bodies. With each passing album, Årabrot sound more and more like… Årabrot. Norwegian Gothic is triumphant in its ability to defy description, kicking back against all attempts to categorise or pigeonhole. Get on board or get outta here. 

Of their performance Årabrot comment:

“Roadburn 2022 will be our first show on the Continent in two and a half years. 2.5 years… Wow. Our return could not be any more perfect. So looking forward to seeing you all again in Tilburg”

Their return, as part of this triumvirate, is a good reminder of what we’ve been missing for the past two years. This trio of performances encapsulates all that we’ve been yearning for – ambitious, experimental, and akin to a religious experience!

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA