Atala to embrace the labyrinth at Roadburn 2017

There’s a rumble in the Californian desert these days, and it comes from the crushing psychedelia of Atala. The trio’s newly announced second album, Labyrinth of Ashmedai, will be out on Salt of the Earth Records this Spring, and we’re excited to introduce them to European ears with TWO SPECIAL SETS at Roadburn 2017 on Wednesday and Friday!

“When our manager told us we were being considered to play Roadburn, man, that alone was an honor,” says guitarist / vocalist Kyle Stratton. “And now Atala being announced on this legendary festival… well, really it’s a dream come true.

“We want to thank our label, Salt of the Earth Records, and Walter Roadburn for making this happen. We are playing with so many of our favorite bands – bands that really inspire us immensely. So it’s probably needless to say we are working our asses off to bring our best to Roadburn. We will rise to the occasion!”

Atala’s Labyrinth of Ashmedai follows their 2015 album, Shaman’s Path of the Serpent, and finds them returning to work with some of the most hallowed ears in all of heavy: producer Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, Melvins, Acid King, so many more). Together, the band and Anderson embark on a journey of pummeling churn, resonant spaces and unmitigated heft. Expect nothing less when Atala bring their hypnotic riffing to Tilburg this April!

Atala’s Wednesday set will be a feature at the annual Hardrock Hideout Roadburn pre-show, April 19, and they return April 21 to play Roadburn again! Stay tuned for schedule details and much more to come!

JJ Koczan / February 2017

Date: April 21

Time: 14:00

Stage: Extase