A collaboration between Wyatt E., Five The Hierophant & MC Slice

After announcing Wyatt E. and Five The Hierophant for Roadburn 2022, we’re also thrilled to be announcing a collaboration between the two bands, where they will also be joined by Tomer Damsky aka MC Slice from the psychotrap trio Wackelkontakt. Coming together under the umbrella of Atonia, these three entities – between them representing Jerusalem, London and Liège – will perform a special commissioned project at Roadburn 2022. 

Chance and circumstance threw them together previously when they joined forces to create a split single, Kol Badai / The Black Waves, which was released via Jaune Orange. That release is a good place to start if you want to get a feel for what to expect, however the Roadburn performance will expand upon the unholy seeds that were planted with those tracks.  What else can we anticipate from this exclusive set? They tell us: “repetitive, tribalistic rhythm schemes, darkly heavy melodies, momentary structures, erosive drones and vocals that range between Middle Eastern ornamentation, spectral explorations and blood freezing screeches.”

If that’s not enough to get your mind boggling at the prospect of this collaboration, they also tell us that the lyrics are “a mixture of Biblical Hebrew translations of Roman poet Ovidius and distorted catholic liturgical texts from the rite of passage. The illustrated image is of a noisy and unstable mob of fabricated truths that find impossible relaxation when suspended between the horizontal earth and the vertical path to the sky.”

For a performance that could only be made possible by the artists involved, we’re confident in saying that Atonia is one not to miss out on…

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA