Big Brave & Jessica Moss will be sharing a stage at Roadburn 2020

Big Brave are a modern wonder – a trio of musicians that have seemingly created their own little universe, with no need for our earthly categorisations, no need for our restrictive genres, and no need to stick to any kind of formula. A joy to witness live at any point, but especially so when they’re joined by a special guest.

Jessica Moss featured on the Big Brave albums, Au De La and Ardor, performing violin, and on extremely infrequent occasions she has performed with the band live. We’re thrilled to announce that this unholy union will be sharing a stage at Roadburn 2020; the stars in the Roadburn universe have aligned and we’ve captured this most rare of beasts.

Big Brave comment: “Occurring but once in a blue moon, playing with Jessica Moss is always a sonic blessing. Our set always has so much room for improvisation and having guests such as the great Moss, these moments of freedom are elevated and intensified. As stark and bleak as we like to keep things in BB, it is always a pleasure to have her grace us with glorious melody. Being able to perform this set at Roadburn will truly be something special and we couldn’t be more excited for it.”

Roadburn’s own artistic director was fortunate enough to witness Big Brave and Jessica Moss perform together at this year’s Basilica Soundscape in Hudson, NY – labelling it one of the stand out performances of the weekend. Little excuse was needed to invite them to Roadburn, but that sealed the deal and here we are – announcing that their unpindown-able blend of discordance and melody will be elevating us all next April.

Becky Laverty / October 2019

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal