Big Brave return to Roadburn in the aftermath of two incredible albums

When Big Brave make their return to Roadburn after a canceled 2020, they will do so as a different animal. In 2021, the trio released a pair of albums—April’s Vital and October’s Leaving None But Small Birds, a collaboration with sludge deviants The Body. Both take Big Brave’s sound to new heights, demonstrating an intimate knowledge of their sound. 

Vital is a vicious sludge record that externalises frontwoman Robin Wattie’s experiences as a woman of mixed race, cutting at its heaviest, most abrasive moments and reaching ethereal peaks at others. It would have been logical to expand on that when collaborating with The Body, but the pair returned to Big Brave’s folk roots on Leaving None

Returning to Roadburn on the strength of those two albums, there’s no doubt we’ll see the best version of Big Brave that there’s ever been. 

“What will have been two full years since our first cancelled plans due to covid, the thought of reuniting for a European tour and a performance at Roadburn is what has kept us going throughout these past months,” expresses guitarist Mathieu Ball.

“However, with emergency rooms still over capacity and with health care workers burning out around the globe, we still all need to do our part in getting through this pandemic. As it may feel like some personal freedoms may currently be taken from us, so much more is taken away from the people on the front lines who are dealing with this virus and those who have lost loved ones to it. Let’s continue to look out for each other and hopefully we can all get back to doing what we love!”

Let’s follow that advice so that we can be at Roadburn when Big Brave perform on Roadburn 2022.

-Vince Bellino

Date: April 21

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA