Bismuth to bring the sound of the Great Barrier Reef dying to Roadburn

If you name your album The Slow Dying of the Great Barrier Reef, some might say that you’re laying your cards on the table with what lies within. Whilst the thematic content may obvious from the outset, the depth and downright importance of Bismuth’s latest release may take a little longer to become clear.

The tracklist totals just two, but the length and texture of those two tracks is the epitome the phrase quality over quantity. The title track is a half hour journey of ebbs and flows, light and dark; the sparseness of some passages complements the density of others. It seems almost impossible that the ethereal vocals come from the same source as the throat-shredding cacophony elsewhere.

Tanya Byrne and Joe Rawlings have created something magnificent with The Slow Dying of the Great Barrier Reef, and we knew that they would be not only an important addition to Roadburn 2019, but an essential one.

Tanya commented: “This is so amazing!!! Thank you so much to Roadburn for asking us to play their wonderful festival. We have attending for years, and now we get to play. Yay!”

Date: April 11

Time: 15.20-16.10

Stage: Hall of Fame