EXCLUSIVE SETS: Blanck Mass' very special streaming set

Sometimes, when the endless days of social distancing really start to get to us, we think of the afterparties that never were; we think of Roadburn 2020 and what it could have been. Often, our minds wander to the Blanck Mass set that never came to fruition – a part of James Kent’s curation, and what surely would have been a highlight of Roadburn last year. We can’t re-write the past, but what we can do is bring you a full set from Blanck Mass to enjoy in the comfort of your own home as part of Roadburn Redux. Push the sofa right back against the wall, banish the cat to the kitchen and dust off your dancing shoes.

We’re absolutely honoured that Benjamin John Power AKA Blanck Mass has taken the time to record us a very special set jammed full of those tracks we’ve been dreaming of. If you’ve missed out on Blanck Mass up ‘til now, you still have time to get caught up before Roadburn Redux rolls around. Beneath those undulating rhythms and danceable synths beats a dark heart – steeped in loss, grief and the cost of a failing society. Whether you absorb that message or you just want to lose yourself for an hour – we’ve got you covered.

Powers comments: “Having wanted to play (or even go as an audience member) to Roadburn for a long time now, the festival being cancelled (for obvious and responsible reasons) stung a little. I always feel that Roadburn is curated perfectly and everyone I know who has been speaks incredibly highly of their experience there. The festival live streaming this year dampens the blow somewhat however, and I am very much looking forward to seeing some incredible sets from some of the most forward thinking artists around today. I hope you enjoy my streaming set, which features live visual manipulation by long time friend Dan Tombs.”

Until circumstances allow us to welcome Blanck Mass to Roadburn in full 3D glory, this digital version will more than tide us over.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 17

Time: 00:30 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets