Cloud Rat to deliver grindcore, scratched through with hardcore punk and even more at Roadburn 2020

Cloud Rat’s vast discography is a testament to their prolific nature and excess of talent, ripping and spilling at the seams – an unending stream of audio abrasion busting to get out there in the world. If they’ve remained under your radar until now, then their most recent release, Pollinator, should – or rather will – be the album to change that. In true Cloud Rat style it delivers grindcore, scratched through with hardcore punk and peppered with musical influences from right across the map. It also delivers the stunning, if not slightly unexpected, EP Do Not Let Me Off The Cliff which bundles up a softer side of Cloud Rat that pulsates with their trademark urgency and experimental synths.

Unsurprisngly, Cloud Rat have caught the eye of Emma Ruth Rundle and in her position as one of our 2020 curators, she has invited the extraordinary trio to perform at Roadburn 2020. She comments: “I came to the Cloud Rat table when I saw them on the “Friendship Tour” with Thou, False and Moloch. And was reintroduced this year when we played a few shows together. Utterly amazing. An assault on the senses! Their new album Pollinator is heavy as fuck. They are absolutely beyond ready for Roadburn; I hope Roadburn is ready for Cloud Rat.”

Cloud Rat add: “We are immensely excited and flattered to be a part of Roadburn 2020. It’s pretty neat to be included in something so special, with such wild & intuitive curation over the years – this year being no exception. Endless respect and love to our friend Emma Ruth Rundle for inviting us to perform as part of The Gilded Cage, she rules all. Hails and love to all.”

If your interest is piqued then the good news is that there over a dozen Cloud Rat releases to work your way back through, so that whatever they bring to the table at Roadburn, you’ll be well versed in the way of Cloud Rat.

Becky laverty / September 2019

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Koepelhal