Cloud Rat to perform tracks from Do Not Left Me Off The Cliff at Roadburn 2020 as part of Emma Ruth Rundle's curation

As we already announced, Cloud Rat were invited to come to Roadburn 2020 as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s curated event, The Gilded Cage. If you missed that, you can read about it HERE.

Those already familiar with Cloud Rat know what an innovative bundle of energy and furious grind-infused sonic incandescence they are. Those not familiar… well, there’s an extensive back catalogue to rifle through at your leisure. There are dozens of reasons why their latest offering, Pollinator, stands head and shoulders above many other 2019 releases, and just one of them is the accompanying EP that was released at the same time.

Do Not Left Me Off The Cliff is a decidedly different pace to Pollinator – showcasing, dare we say it, a softer side to the band. Fusing eerie synthesisers and effects with Madison Marshall’s ethereal voice (who knew?), Do Not Left Me Off The Cliff is the Cloud Rat release that we never knew we needed until now. We’re delighted that they will perform tracks from the EP live at Roadburn 2020, also as part of Emma’s curation. In order to do justice to the songs in a live setting, the band are enlisting the help of a familiar face and dear friend of RoadburnThou’s Andy Gibbs.

The band comments: “Over the years we’ve continually been branching out into different genres and sounds on record, while typically staying within the realms of grind and extremity in a live setting. We’re excited to finally push ourselves forward into more experimental areas sonically and conceptually. Fingers crossed we can pull it off haha.”

Cloud Rat will perform two sets as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s curated event at Roadburn 2020.

Becky Laverty / October 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA