Coilguns to bring the savagery to Roadburn

It might have taken them five years to come up with a successor to their nasty and noisy debut Commuters, but Coilguns sure as hell delivered a bombshell worthy of the wait. Millennials, released in March 2018, is dense, dissonant and angrier than even we expected. It does betray the fact that this is a band made by former The Ocean members, but it also shows how rich a source of inspiration bands like Botch, Breach or even early Converge can be.

Every blow they deliver to the back of your skull – and there are so many, holy shit – really has their own imprint on it, either by veering towards noise rock here or by throwing a complex mathy part there. There’s always something new and exciting happening, something that justifies the pummelling you know your ears are going to take. Now, imagine this on stage…

In fact, stop imagining. Coilguns are playing Roadburn on Sunday, April 14th, so just show up. Bring earplugs.

Date: April 14

Time: 21.10-22.00

Stage: Hall of Fame