Converge Performing Two Album Sets At Roadburn 2018 - You Fail Me and The Dusk In Us

When Converge performed at Roadburn 2016, their presence felt somewhat overdue. This was a band that had not so much made a dent in the record collections of Roadburn attendees, as ridden a wrecking ball through the middle of them. The impact of Converge on heavy music has been immeasurable, and at last they were set to play Roadburn.

The reality of what they delivered truly spoiled us. The Blood Moon set  - which featured Chelsea Wolfe, Steve Von Till and Stephen Brodsky –  will go down in Roadburn history, and the one-off Jane Doe set has already been committed to record such was the impact of the performance.

The relationship between Converge and Roadburn is far from over, and we’re thrilled that these four incredible musicians will return to the Roadburn stage for two essential sets in 2018.

Given that Converge are very much a band that march to the beat of their own drum, each album in their rich back catalogue feels like a marker in time; a moment to savour and a message worth listening to.  Although every move appears to be carefully calculated, don’t be fooled; Converge have retained every ounce of the vitality and crucial urgency that has made them such a necessary band for over two decades.

Jacob Bannon elaborates on the performances: “In 2016, we played our Jane Doe album in its entirety at Roadburn Festival. For our 2018 return, we will perform our album You Fail Me in its entirety. Originally released in 2004, this album marked a turning point for our band internally and in many ways it is considered the beginning of the modern era of our band. This performance will be a one time only event, exclusive to Roadburn.”

“It took our band nearly five years to cut and shape our most recent album The Dusk In Us. Scheduled for release on November 3rd through Epitaph and Deathwish, it is a very emotional album for the band. All four of us went through a lot of trials and tribulations in those years and it is reflected in those songs, connecting with our lives ways hard to put into words. It will be an honor to play this material in its entirety for the Roadburn audience. We hope it will be as special for you as it will be for us.”

Converge will play The Dusk In Us on Thursday, 19 April, and You Fail Me on Friday, 20 April at the 013 venue.

Date: April 19 | 20

Time: 19.40 | 20.10

Stage: Main Stage