As part of Jacob Bannon's curation, Crowbar will perform their classic album Odd Fellows Rest in its entirety at Roadburn 2018.

Crowbar have been at the forefront of heavy music for nearly three decades. Early in their career, they were of the first to combine the key elements of the Doom and Thrash metal sounds, pioneering what is considered the Sludge metal genre. After a number of breakthrough releases, Crowbar released their 1998 album Odd Fellows Rest. This incredible album merged their existing heaviness with a refined melodic sensibility, creating one of the most powerful metal albums of the era.

“In 1991 I was introduced to Crowbar when I bought a tape of their “Obedience thru Suffering” album. The sheer heaviness of the band floored me and I was hooked ever since. For me personally, their 1998 album “Odd Fellows Rest” is a high watermark of creativity. It is an incredible collection of songs that have been daily listens for me for nearly two decades. It’s an honor to have the band perform this record live at Roadburn Festival 2018.”

Date: April 20

Time: 14.40

Type: Main Stage