Crowhurst and Gnaw Their Tongues will make harsh sounds for harsh people

Roadburn is a place of joy and celebration, but obviously a lot of that joy is achieved through the ugliness and crushing oppression of a lot of the music in it. Call it catharsis, if you will. At Roadburn 2019, we are going the extra mile on that, bookending the festival with some of the most agonising music ever committed to tape – on Thursday, Crowhurst will try their damnedest to ruin your first Roadburn day, as we have already announced, and then on Sunday, when you thought you were safe, they are returning… with extra bad company. You might have had the bad taste to sample Burning Ad Infinitum, a record Crowhurst and Gnaw Their Tongues made in hideous collaboration that was released last September among much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and yeah, you guessed it, we’re reuniting this losing team to muddy up the final day of Roadburn 2019. According to Crowhurst‘s Jay Gambit and Gnaw Their TonguesMaurice De Jong, this special show will be an interpretation of sorts of that album they did together. There might be some improvisation, and overall we’ll be in for a session of “harsh noise with tinges of extreme metal“, as Jay describes it, while Maurice just promises that “it’s going to be harsh and fucked up“. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Crowhurst and Gnaw Their Tongues join forces at Roadburn on Sunday, April 14th. We’re all doomed.

Date: April 14

Time: 19.40-20.30

Stage: Hall of Fame