Crowhurst will bring a world of pain to Roadburn 2019

Crowhurst do not see the sunny side of anything. The project centred around main man Jay Gambit – it actually started as a solo thing, and eventually became a Jay and friends kind of band – has always unflinchingly stared reality straight in its ugly face and has always reflected, through harsh, unforgiving noise, ruthless power electronics and raw black/sludge, how ugly it really is. Unafraid to call out specific figures for their failings (there are Crowhurst albums called Fuck You Bono, Fuck You Morrissey or Fuck You Dave Grohl, for instance), the numerous releases the band has put out since being spat out into the world in 2011 are a bleak and nauseating portrait of the very worst humankind has to offer. Unlike others of this sort, not only do Crowhurst have the songwriting chops to back it up, but they also perform with a frigthening intensity that in no way suggests any of this is fake or made up. Naturally, this is the sort of gritty reality check we love to subject you guys here at Roadburn.

Abandon all hope when Crowhurst ruin the Roadburn day on Thursday, April 11th.

Date: April 11

Time: 21.20-22.10

Stage: Hall of Fame