Darkher to bring her ethereal magic to Roadburn 2020

The first time we heard Darkher, we knew something special was a-brewing in the Hebden Bridge hinterlands and we immediately invited Jayn Maiven to bring her haunted doom-drenched riffs to Roadburn. Having never played the songs live before, she swiftly booked a ‘warm up’ gig and then made her way to Tilburg where she held us captivated throughout her set. With the release of her debut full length, Realms, she conjured up an emotive and atmospheric record steeped in ethereal magic.

The follow up album is due in 2020 via Prophecy Productions, and whilst we anxiously anticipate a new delivery from Darkher, we’re thrilled to announce that they’ll be playing Roadburn 2020. If even a fraction of the bewitching power or the necromancy vibes we experienced the first time around are present, then we can assure you that we’re all in for quite the treat.

Jayn comments: “I’m very excited to be returning to play at Roadburn for the second time, it was an incredible experience to be part of such a monumental festival and I very much look forward to sharing the atmosphere again.”

If Darkher have ghosted along under your radar so far, it’s time to make reparations. Realms is the perfect soundtrack to the grey winter months, and will pave the way for new offerings due imminently. Don’t be fooled by the gentle ebb and flow of Darkher’s missives; there’s some almighty power at work just under the surface.

Becky Laverty / January 2020

Date: April 19

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame