EXCLUSIVE SETS: Dawn Ray'd performing two new songs

We’ll let you into a secret… one of the things you didn’t know you’d missed out on in 2020 (until now of course), is that we’d booked Dawn Ray’d to play a secret skate hall set for the festival that never was. Such was the enthusiasm for their late night set in 2018, we knew a return was on the cards and would go down just as well as the first time.

So, when we got wind of the news that Dawn Ray’d were working on new material, we started sniffing around to see what was happening. All we can tell you for now is that they will be performing two brand new tracks for us, exclusively for Roadburn – and the only place you’ll be able to hear them is via Roadburn Redux. At least for now; we’re told more will be revealed in due course.

Forging their own path of distinctive black metal, Dawn Ray’d have taken their music and their message on tour around both the US and Europe many times. For those lucky enough to have witnessed them live, they’ll know that we should be anticipating a caustic blast of icy black metal, softened with a touch of folk influence.

Stay tuned for more news from Dawn Ray’d, and dial into Roadburn Redux to be the first to hear what they’ve got in store.

Dawn Ray’d will perform as part of Roadburn Redux, taking place between April 16- 18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 17

Time: 18.00 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets