LIVE STREAMS: DeWolff (Get ready to discover your next favorite band)

Over the course of eight critically-acclaimed full-lengths since 2009, DeWolff have stunningly progressed into The Netherland’s most genuine and electrifying power trio, easily leading the pack of bands that stylistically draw from the heavy ’60s and ’70s. Mind you – this isn’t just another throwback. Dewolff doesn’t just play music, the band profoundly breathes music, and has a modern, distinctive touch as well when it comes to memorable melodies and songwriting. DeWolff has a real knack for catchy songs that sound like those classic tracks, but are equally urgent.

Still in their 20s, brothers Luka (drums) and singer, guitarist Pablo van de Poel and Hammond organist Robin Piso are the rightful heirs of Deep Purple Mk.II, but they could also be considered as the virtuosic grandkids of the late Dr. John or even Allmann brothers Duane and Gregg, and their lineage is plain in hard rock, psychedelica, a touch of Southern rock, and some soul and funk thrown in for good measure.

In Pablo van de Poel, DeWolff has even a bonafide guitar hero, and it shouldn’t come as surprise that the band is revered by youngsters (way too young to have seen Purple and the lot in their prime) and the elderly who cemented Dutch roots-rock-blues rock history, alike. Yes, you heard it right! DeWolff is that good!

With over a 1,000 shows all over Europe, Australia, Indonesia and even Russia under their belt, we’re beyond stoked that DeWolff will be part of Roadburn Redux on Sunday 18 April (for the first time), and showcase their explosive ability to jam as well.

Be forewarned! It will only take you a few minutes that Sunday to discover your next favorite band.

Date: April 18

Time: 23.00 CEST

Type: Live Streams