Die Wilde Jagd to bring technicolour psych to Roadburn

Performing twice at Roadburn Redux in April, Die Wilde Jagd made an enormous impact on Roadburners around the globe. Two spellbinding sets – a commissioned project titled Atem, and a run through of the incredible album, Haut – made them a shoe-in for a return once Roadburn was again able to exist in a 3D format. So it is with great pleasure that we welcome this German ensemble back to Tilburg where we’re delighted to be able to witness them up close and personal. 

Led by Sebastian Lee Philipp, who is joined on stage by Lih Qun Wong on cello and Ran Levari on drums, Die Wilde Jagd are a refreshingly innovative and experimental addition to the modern day psych scene. Bringing dark electronics into the mix, Die Wilde Jagd craft a mind-altering, atmospheric soundtrack that transports us away from the everyday grey, and into something otherworldly and technicolour.

Sebastian comments:
“Performing at Roadburn Redux in 2021 was a most special moment in time for me and my band. I fondly remember the incredible passion and enthusiasm the mighty Roadburners shared with us from afar. With bated breath I await the moment we’ll be together in the flesh in April 2022!”  

If they’ve somehow escaped your notice up til now, there’s time to rectify that before April rolls around. Prepare yourselves for a journey into the unknown; Die Wilde Jagd will be blowing off the cobwebs and leading the charge towards something beautiful.

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 24

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA