COMMISSIONED: Die Wilde Jagd perfroming Atem

Die Wilde Jagd were due to perform at Roadburn 2020 – a show that would have coincided with the release of their most recent album, Haut. In 2021 we have invited them to play – with the debut live performance of Haut in its entirety, and with a specially commissioned project, exclusively for Roadburn. Sebastian Lee Philipp is the beating heart at the core of Die Wilde Jagd, and although an enforced halt to shows may have stifled one outlet for his creativity, in other areas he has positively flourished.

Injecting some much needed freshness into what can sometimes be a stagnant scene, Die Wilde Jagd can reasonably be described as experimental at any given time – their heady blend of psychedelic electronic-rock futurism is intoxicating – but under the banner of a Roadburn commissioned project christened Atem, experimentation has truly run wild.

Although the end result is tightly under wraps until April, Atem is a multi-cycle piece written for a hand built wooden organ pipe installation, cello, percussion and electronics. Inspired by ancient Far Eastern knowledge about the art and science of breathing and how it can preserve physical and mental health , as well as Georgian folk harmonies, Atem explores breath and its essential role in human life.

The augmented Die Wilde Jagd live ensemble will feature Ran Levari on percussion and Lih Qun Wong on cello. The show will be complemented by visuals designed by Mursel Guven specifically for this one-off mind-bending performance.

Die Wilde Jagd has already taken us on some unusual trips, but we’re more ready than ever to embark on this latest journey into the unknown. Of Atem, Sebastian told us:

“As human evolution enters new realms of reality, I find myself drawn to explore the basic essences of life: the things we are made of, that we take for granted and are yet still full of mystery. The parallels between breath and music are undeniable: pace, rhythm, volume and dynamic fluctuations influence us deeply. Breath is the elixir of life and the fuel of the most primitive vibration generator: the human voice. I am very grateful to Walter and Roadburn Festival for giving me the opportunity to explore this field of study which is so fascinating to me. I look forward to presenting my discoveries in Tilburg this April.”

Consider us ready, bags packed, ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Die Wilde Jagd will perform Atem at Roadburn Redux, between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 16

Time: 15.30 CEST

Type: Live Streams