ALBUM PREMIERE: Die Wilde Jagd performing Haut in full

When we decided – what seems a lifetime ago now – that we wanted to have Die Wilde Jagd at Roadburn 2020, we were regularly jamming the 2018 album Uhrwald Orange; we allowed ourselves to be swept away with warm electronics and Krautrock-inspired freewheelin’ that it offered. A lot has happened since then, not much of it good… but one shining glimmer of otherworldly excellence was the release of Die Wilde Jagd’s latest album Haut.

It’s not a secret that we’re psych aficionados here at Roadburn, but Die Wilde Jagd stand out as something truly unique and incredibly special in a psych scene that is sometimes guilty of looking backwards rather than forwards. This creative breath of fresh air has captured our imaginations and dominated our listening habits of late.

We were thrilled to be presenting the band to a Roadburn audience, and had they played last year, no doubt we’d have been treated to cuts from this latest album.

Having spent most of 2020 familiarising ourselves with the spacious, meditative, and yet still distinctly experimental beauty of Haut, we asked the mastermind behind Die Wilde Jagd, Sebastian Lee Philipp, who is joined on stage by Ran Levari on drums and Lih Qun Wong on cello and voice, if they’d consider playing the whole thing in full for us at Roadburn 2021. Fortunately for us – and for you – they agreed. Prepare yourself for a four-part ritualistic journey into parts of your psyche that have been long forgotten, neglected or otherwise unstimulated.

Sebastian Lee Philipp – the core of Die Wilde Jagd – commented:
“I had originally planned to present a selection of songs from the new album Haut at Roadburn 2020. Due to the known circumstances, the concert didn’t take place – nor did any Die Wilde Jagd show happen since. It only seems right that Roadburn 2021 will be the first time the songs from the new album are presented Live, not only a selection, but the album in its entirety.”

If you’re yet to immerse yourself in Haut, there’s more than enough time to get yourself caught up before we dive headfirst into something extraordinary this April. As well as Haut, Die Wilde Jagd will also be performing a specially commissioned piece, titled Atem. Read more on that HERE.

Die Wilde Jagd will perform Haut at Roadburn Redux, between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 17

Time: 20:50 CEST

Type: Live Streams