Roadburn 2022 to host Divide and Dissolve as part of curated event

“Hey, we are Divide and Dissolve. We would like to acknowledge our ancestors and the sacred land we are playing on. We both enjoy playing heavy music and are really looking forward to playing Roadburn for the first time.  When we learned about the festival we both had the desire to attend and play. Having the opportunity to play Roadburn and attend is a dream come true. See you soon <3”

Divide and Dissolve

It’s something of a dream come true for us too, to welcome this duo to Roadburn 2022.  The pair will be performing as part of Thomas Sciarone and Milena Eva’s curation and we already can’t wait. Their Gaslit album, released this past January, provided comfort, companionship and a good degree of solace during the bleak winter months. The album resonated throughout the Roadburn community and evidently had an impact on our 2022 curators.

“This ticks all our boxes: forward thinking, confrontational, personal, emotional. Divide And Dissolve creates beautiful, extremely heavy music that has the will and power to change everything it encounters. We can’t wait for them to leave Roadburn a little bit better than they found it.”

Their distinctive combination of ethereal orchestration, drone, and doom is both haunting and energising in equal measure. The sonic landscapes they traverse take us on a journey when we’re just sitting at home listening; we can’t wait to see where they’ll take us when we see these tracks performed live. 

Date: April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA