As well as participating in Maalstroom, Dodecahedron will perform their own set at Roadburn Festival 2019

In part due to its size, Tilburg is not particularly known as a town bursting at the seams with extreme bands. However, it boasts among its citizens those responsible for two of the finest collectives within black metal of the dissonant ilk to have emerged in the last decades, namely, Nihill and Dodecahedron. The latter further pushes the genre to a technical complexity rarely scene in the Dutch scene (or elsewhere, to be fair) and it is therefore more than appropriate that Roadburn welcomes Dodecahedron to its 2019 edition.

Their self-titled debut quickly established Dodecahedron alongside boundary-pushing agents such as Deathspell Omega or Blut Aus Nord. Their nightmarish visions-made-sound took an even more menacing turn in 2017 with Kwintessens, an album in which the band’s main songwriter and live guitarist M. Nienhuis used aspects of the geometry of polygons to elaborate its mind-boggling bleak instrumental tapestry. The vocals were then handled by Nihill‘s frontman M. Eikenaar, whose elaborate tales of monstrous, ghastly visions are the perfect guide for the harrowing experience that is Dodecahedron‘s music.

The band has since been honing their black arts throughout many a stage both at home and internationally, as well as working on their third album. Beware, for it is a renewed Dodecahedron that will unleash darkness at the Het Patronaat on Saturday, April 13, and that does not bode well for the faint of heart.

Luís Pires

Date: April 13

Time: 21.20-22.20

Stage: Het Patronaat