Doodswens to deliver nihilistic rampage over bleak landscapes at Roadburn 2020

Perhaps you caught Doodswens at Roadburn last year; the Dutch duo made quite the impact on our 2019 attendees for a band so underground. Few in number but mighty in their mission, Doodswens cultivate true cult black metal vibes, lo-fi production and visceral energy in abundance. It’s why we invited them back for a second year – to give them a bigger stage and a bigger audience, one they already richly deserve.

A by-product of Eindhoven’s Metal Factory educational project, you’ll find few scholarly remnants in Doodswens‘ output. Their name translates to “death wish” – a fitting mantel for the nihilistic rampage over bleak landscapes that they deliver. If you want to do your homework pre-Roadburn, at the time of writing there’s just the demos available via Bandcamp – however, there are two new releases in the pipeline, scheduled to see the grim light of day at some point during 2020. One will be a split with Adversarius, and another will be a surprise due to land around the time of their Roadburn performance.

Of the upcoming Roadburn reprise, they comment: ”Another year has passed; we are thankful to be heard again in Tilburg. New sounds, same intentions, twice the impact.”

Of course all of the artists on the Roadburn line up are handpicked and come highly recommended, but we want to put an extra emphasis on this show. It’s not just that these musicians are young that makes them so interesting, it’s also the force of their vision and their commitment to their craft that has us earmarking them as ones to watch. Stay tuned for more abrasive death wishes courtesy of Doodswens, and prepare yourself for their Roadburn performance; it’s not one to be missed.

Becky Laverty / January 2020

Live pic (poster): Heike de Nil

Date: April 17

Time: TBA

Stage: Hall of Fame