DOOLHOF is a special and exclusive collaborative project by Aaron Turner, Will Brooks and Dennis Tyfus

At the time of writing this, we have no idea what this collaborative project will sound like. That its participants have named it DOOLHOF (Dutch for ‘maze’) leads our minds to bubble over with possibilities.

The component parts of DOOLHOF are Aaron Turner, Will Brooks and Dennis Tyfus. Musically and artistically these three men appear to be worlds apart but look a little deeper and it’s obvious there’s a streak of experimental vigour and curiosity that runs through them all – and in this case, unites them.

Turner is likely the most familiar to Roadburners, and of course he will be performing elsewhere on the bill with both Old Man Gloom and Sumac. When the idea of a collaborative project was floated, Turner singled out Will Brooks early on in the conversation. Brooks made his Roadburn debut with dälek in 2017; one of the most talked about performances of that edition, dälek were instrumental in expanding the scope of the festival. Tyfus is a Belgian audio/visual artist whose Ultra Eczema label has served as the nucleus for a vast and eclectic array of creative endeavours.

The point at where these musicians meet in the middle is hard to pinpoint on a map right now, but come the the Saturday of Roadburn, they’ll be leading the way – and we’ll gladly follow.


Will Brooks – voice/vocals/words/electronics/processing
Aaron Turner – guitar/electronics
Dennis Tyfus – tapes/ electronics/voice

Date: April 13

Time: 23.20-00.20

Stage: Koepelhal