EXCLUSIVE SETS: Drowse capturing the past and the present with a performance piece

Kyle Bates AKA Drowse uses their art to explore the work from a place of internal reflection resulting in an intoxicating blend of fuzzy noise pop, ambient electronics and existential contemplation. The last twelve months have given more than enough opportunities for introspection, and far less opportunities to explore the world in a physical way. Far from remaining static, Bates has collated, composed, recorded and directed a performance piece that will be making its debut at Roadburn Redux. Featuring recordings that span from to 2013 right up to recent weeks, this piece captures the past and present of Drowse.

Bates explains the concept further: “Croatian philosopher Giulio Camillo’s Memory Theatre, as described in historian Frances A. Yates’ The Art of Memory, is an impossible to realize work that takes the form of a theatre in which the spectator(s) stands where the stage would be and looks out at where an audience would traditionally sit. The spectator views a complex series of interrelated symbolic images that are meant to encapsulate the entire history of human memory. Each symbol acts somewhat like a mnemonic device that triggers an “innate” memory knowledge (Camillo referred to this knowledge as primary matter).

“Failing Memory Theatre (Prologue) is a contextually minimalist play on Camillo’s idea. Instead of the entire memory of human history, Failing Memory Theatre (Prologue)externalizes my single-human memories of the work I’ve created as Drowse. This sort of internal experience knowledge is the inverse of Camillo’s primary matter –only accessible through person to person intimacy. Moments from both the project’s and my own lives–in the form of old, “lost,” or new-yet-unreleased sounds–have been collapsed into the present via abstraction; Failing Memory Theatre (Prologue) offers anew pathway into (and bridge between) myself and Drowse.”

Drowse will be a part of Roadburn Redux between April 16-18.

Becky Laverty

Date: April 15

Time: 20.30 CEST

Type: Exclusive Sets