Dungen to celebrate both Ta Det Lugnt and Häxan at Roadburn 2020

For almost two decades, Dungen, the brainchild of Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes, has been liquefying the known boundaries of psychedelia by incorporating ‘60s pastoral folk, psych-pop, prog, free-jazz, instrumentalist ambience and soaring atmospheres. They’ve flown in the face of modern-day worship, sounding instead like a long-lost indigenous gem from 1968 or 1969. No wonder, as Ejstes was never influenced by the second or even third generation of Scandinavian psych explorers. Rather, it’s his passion for the original era itself, and his genuine and organic approach, that set Dungen apart from their many fellow travelers. In combination with his gifts for melodic songcraft, this has turned his mother-tongue lyrics into universal blissouts, welcoming to any and all who’ll take them on.

For Ejstes and his collective, which includes guitarist Reine Fiske, bassist Mattias Gustavsson, and drummer Johan Holmegard, authenticity is key, and from 2004’s Ta Det Lugnt to 2016‘s Häxan, they have fearlessly broadened their sonic and artistic horizons. They have become one of the most revered psychedelic bands of their generation, and to honor their pushing the limits of art and genre, we have invited Dungen to play Roadburn 2020, not once, but twice.

One show will take in Dungen’s legendary Ta Det Lugnt (Sunday, 19 April), and the other will focus on Häxan, the band’s highly entrancing score for the 1926 animated film The Adventures of Prince Achmed, on Saturday, 18 April. Both albums and the band itself are woven into the colorful fabric of Roadburn. Dungen is synonymous for our very being, and Häxan, and especially Ta Det Lugnt, fuel our late-night, psychedelic jams and unite the likeminded psych heads at the festival. We simply can’t thank Gustav Ejstes and Dungen enough for joining us to celebrate their enormous growth as a band over the last 15 years since the release of Ta Det Lugnt in 2004.

Date: April 18 - 19


Stage: Main Stage