Dynfari will open new doors at Roadburn 2020 with special performance

Though we’ve had quite a few Icelandic bands before at Roadburn, as you’ve surely noticed, none of them – or of any other nationality, while we’re at it – quite sound like Dynfari. A chameleonic, labyrinthine mix of post-rock and black metal, thickly atmospheric, as beautiful and inspiring as it is quietly sombre and menacing, as illuminating as it is sorrowful.

A former duo, they eventually became a fully fleshed out quartet just before the release of their acclaimed 2017 album The Four Doors Of The Mind, an ambitious, thought-provoking conceptual work on the stages of grief that we are still processing to this day. To help us complete that process, we have invited Dynfari to perform The Four Doors Of The Mind in full at Roadburn 2020, a profound spiritual journey that will make the 50 minutes seem like much, much longer – seasons in the size of minutes, as it were.

Dynfari’s Jóhann comments: “We look forward to moving through the Four Doors at Roadburn, in a performance that we have never put on before, and one that may prove difficult to create again.”

José Carlos Santos / November 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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