The last chapter of Early Graves goes through Roadburn 2020

Thirteen years ago, out of San Francisco, a new beast stormed out of the gates. It was the golden age for that ferocious blend of thrash, hardcore punk and death metal that genre leaders – and former Roadburn alumni – such as Trap Them or Black Breath elevated to titanic perfection, and Early Graves soon followed that triumphant charge on their heels.

After an already massive initial greeting card by the name of We: The Guillotine, in 2008, the Californian quintet dropped their masterpiece in 2010. Goner was everything a moshpit junkie could ever ask for – sped-up Entombed like gritty aggression, an acid-gargling, full-bodied vocal assault, chainsaw guitars, and a savagely loose and lethal approach to songwriting. Each song seems like it will spin out of control at any second, only to be masterfully reined it at the last moment by some gigantic hook.

Unfortunately, tragedy then struck Early Graves. Only a couple of months after the release of Goner, the band suffered a van accident traveling from Oregon to Nevada, which took the life of their firebrand vocalist Makh Daniels. Though the band soldiered on for a while, putting out their third album Red Horse in 2012, with new vocalist John Strachan, activity has dwindled during the last few years, and 2020 is set to be the last chapter for Early Graves. A celebration of their existence, which will naturally consist of their ten-year-old super classic album Goner played in its entirety, will therefore take place at Roadburn.

“It is an honor to be a part of Roadburn,” the band told us. “A festival we have long wanted to play. For us to close the chapter on Early Graves and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Goner we couldn’t have asked for a more fitting farewell. Thank you to Roadburn for having us, and see you in April.”

José Carlos Santos / December 2019

Date: April 16

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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