Emma Ruth Rundle to exhibit 'On Dark Horses'-inspired paintings

Best known to us – and no doubt to you – as the mighty force that pens heart-wrenching anthems of love, loss and everything in between, Emma Ruth Rundle has another outlet for her creativity, and we’re thrilled to present it at Roadburn this year.

Inspired by her own On Dark Horses album, Emma has created huge pieces of visual art that you will see replicated in the Pit Stop in their full glory, thanks to support from Kickstarter. Eerie and otherworldly in equal measures, the equine-themed images are truly something to behold.

Emma comments:

“A body of work that sprung from a metaphorical lyric turned album title and finally to the images you see here; painted, sketched and scrawled. Love and loss. Self exploitation. Defeat and censure. Beauty and the desire to understand oneself and art through art in other forms. In some ways obscured and in part revealed. I have tried to use this visual art to understand the music and the album cycle- which includes a press phase and a touring phase – which seems so separate from the initial experience of creating the music.

Both in the music and these images, the Darkhorse became a literal focus, muse and conduit for a range of self expression and exploration. I’m happy to be able to share this with you.”

Whilst you won’t be able to miss them as you pass through the Pit Stop, we strongly encourage you take a few minutes to really enjoy them.

Date: April 11-14

Time: 13.00

Stage: The Pit Stop