The Art of Maarten Donders: The Hidden Forest will be on display at the 013 venue all weekend

Surrounded by a world that is focussed on material things and quick pleasures, Maarten’s work has a tendency to take you away from that for a moment and evoke an importance of the natural – and supernatural – way of things. Here, strange forest creatures walk about in mushroom fields, long-haired friendly giants live in solitude, and nymph-like women, exuding peace and beauty, are powerful and mysterious. There is also a dark side, and you can feel the unknown watching you if you look close enough.

Leading up to making the artwork for 2019, Maarten has collaborated with Roadburn for over a decade; making handmade poster artwork for individual shows, as well as stage backdrop visuals and band announcement designs was a crucial learning experience when it comes to designing posters. For the 2019 edition many of those aspects have come back full circle to construct the face of this year’s edition.

Maarten comments:

“Next to having the honour of making the artwork for 2019, and having collaborated with Roadburn for over 10 years now, I am thrilled to show a collection of my work exhibited here at the festival!”


013 Venue – all weekend

Date: April 11-14

Time: 13.00

Stage: 013 Venue