Marissa Nadler to exhibit her fine art at Roadburn 2019

As well as bringing a touch of class to the audio element of Roadburn, Marissa Nadler also has a knack for bringing that class to the canvas. Thanks to support from Kickstarter, we will be exhibiting replicas of pieces from Marissa’s fine art collection, originally created with predominantly oil paint. Regardless of the medium, the ethereal quality of Marissa’s deft craftswomanship shines through.


On her art, Marissa tells us:

“Many of the landscapes in this series are remembered, images that have reappeared as I conjured up from my subconscious canvas worthy inspiration. I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years looking out of car windows with the changing landscapes unravelling before me, and many of my memories of people are tied in with those landscapes as well. For many years I was predominantly a figurative portrait artist. In recent years, as I’ve reestablished my deep connection with oil painting, I’ve delved more into the deconstructed and the abstracted. While many are oil paintings, there are also some mixed media drawings as well.”


The eight pieces will be on display in the Pit Stop, and we highly recommend taking some time out from the hubbub to sink into the folds of the transcendental landscapes she has created.

Date: April 11-14

Time: 13.00

Stage: The Pit Stop