Roadburn 2018: The Photography of Verði ljós

From the beginning, we have championed visual art of all kinds at Roadburn, it’s an integral part of the festival. This year we will also showcase photography – specifically that of Verði ljós.

For several years now, we have opened up our stages to the thriving Icelandic black metal scene – these enigmatic bands are spewing up a seemingly never ending stream of innovative and progressive takes on the genre, heavily influenced by the land of fire and ice. It’s the stunning photography of H.V. (Wormlust) that captures both the essence and blackened soul of his fellow country folk, multiplying the magic, and manifesting it’s ritualistic core.

Being amongst his peers, H.V.’s art is such a pivotal part of the prolific underground scene in Iceland – his photography enhances the scene, giving a strong yet mercurial identity to these madly talented musicians. H.V. is equally gifted, leaving his mark as inspirational photographer, and Wormlust’s creative force of nature.

Presenting his all-encompassing photos under the banner Verði ljós, we’re thrilled to host an exhibition of H.V.’s selected works at the 013 venue as integral part of Roadburn 2018, and which will give you an insight into Iceland’s black circle.

The photography of Verði ljós is supported by Brabant C.