Faceless Entity bring their mysterious black metal to Roadburn 2022

Dutch black metal has long held a sort of mysticism that differs from other countries and regions. Maybe it’s because the genre is less indebted to the usual names and has instead forged a unique sound from the ‘90s to the present day, but the Netherlands has spawned a consistently-challenging black metal scene for decades. Many of those artists have been welcomed at Roadburn in the past – Dodecahedron, Laster, Gnaw Their Tongues, to name just a few appearances—and now we will welcome Faceless Entity for 2022. 

The trio—known only by their initials—emerged with their first demo in 2014 and released a handful more before their first, and currently only, full-length, In Via ad Nusquam. Faceless Entity join acts like Lamp of Murmuur at Roadburn, representing the red-hot raw black metal scene that is rapidly growing around the world today. 

Of their appearance, the mysterious trio commented:
“Faceless Entity is honored to be invited to partake in Roadburn 2022. The idiosyncratic nature of this festival is one we value greatly. Having curated the most creative and boundary-breaking artists in the extreme arts for many years, we cannot wait to contribute our sinister part to the Roadburn legacy. We hope you will be present to collectively mourn the dead and the living this coming April.”

With the promise of new material on the horizon (The Great Anguish of Rapture is due for release in the spring), prepare for a torrent of blast beats and melodies colder than a Northern winter.

-Vince Bellino

Date: April 22

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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