Fågelle set to achieve lift off at Roadburn 2022

Knowing that Fågelle’s music has previously been described as ‘a soft punch in the face’ – we were intrigued to know more about this Swedish musician. With samplers and synthesizers galore in her arsenal, Fågelle’s gentle assault is one that we welcome with open arms; it’s our pleasure to welcome her to Roadburn 2022. 

Of her Roadburn performance, she told us: “I’ve been longing for some place wide and deep enough to hold my pandemic-induced flood waves of rage and sadness and from what I’ve heard Roadburn should be it. I’m grateful and honoured.”

With ‘power’ as a central theme to her work, and lyrics sung in Swedish, the effect is emotive and arresting in equal measure. Lush soundscapes undulate as field recordings and found sounds embellish her richly textured electronic output. With one foot planted in the reality of modern life, Fågelle manages to achieve lift off just enough to give a hint of an otherworldliness just out of earthly reach.

-Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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